Boss Connectors Presents: Where My Girls At?! IG Live Recap

This Friday night, we had the privilege of honoring our Boss Connectors Ambassadors in an IG Live Event, Where My Girls At?! The Boss Women Media team handpicked a total of 15 influencers from various parts of the United States who have and are currently demonstrating the WHY behind the creation of what it means to be a Boss Connector and the ultimate powerhouse!

These are women who are ready to live their truth while unveiling their rawness, and aspiring to be the best version of themselves. This is why we decided to host a night specifically catered to our Boss Connectors Ambassadors through a molding and mentorship event.

Below are a few recap moments and quotes from some of these amazing badass #bosswomen.

Meet Our Boss Connectors Ambassadors

Laura Charles– Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger from Miami, FL

“There’s this myth that women compete with each other, and I feel like that’s long gone because we’re starting to realize that no one is going to help us, but us.”

Kamrin Brown– Fashion Blogger from Washington, D.C.

“I’m big on learning from other black women—that’s important to me.”

Michelle Prince– Natural Hair and Beauty Blogger + Influencer from Philadelphia, PA

“Entrepreneurship can be so time consuming, and sometimes you want to do everything, but you just don’t know how to get started or you get discouraged, so I appreciate having a brand behind me that can help push me forward.”

Alisha Leben– Lifestyle Blogger from Miami, FL

“I think we tend to question ourselves, and question if what we’re doing is the right path, but it is the right path.”


Shanel Griffith– Influencer and Blogger from New York, NY

“Black women have been killing it with entrepreneurship.”

Chantal Laneau– Lifestyle Blogger from Miami, FL

“The aim for my platform is to motivate women and to build an unbreakable confidence.”






Boss Connectors is a membership site that connects you with community, tools and stimulating events to cultivate the career of your dreams! If you want to be connected to the best and brightest women who are making money moves, creating connections that can elevate their careers and accountability that ensures you crush your goals?! Then #bosswoman, you’ve come to the right place!

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