3 Ways We Can All Kill It Like Beyonce

So, we all saw Beyonce’s performance at Coachella this weekend. (If you didn’t, are you sleeping under a rock???!!!) It personally gave me chills and I think I shed a tear or two. No, I am not cray cray, but I was so inspired by the performance, the creativity, the grit and dedication. It got me thinking, we should all be killing it like Beyonce in our respective disciplines. Now, I am aware she has a team of people behind her but they are not forcing her to grind the way she does, that my friends comes within. She has traits that we all need to instill in our life today:

  • Be Authentic: Bey is not trying to be like anyone else. She is always herself. She is not copying someone else’s style, look or brand. Instead she is working hard as hell everyday to be herself and sharing that with the world. Let’s stop copying everyone else, that’s corny as hell anyway, and instead be the best version of ourselves.
  • Grind Til You Own It: Beyonce was not built in a day, she experienced rejection, heartache and haters, but she kept grinding. She proved everyone wrong and put the work in. Now she is hands down the greatest performer (in my opinion) to walk this Earth. If we want the same, we must grind hard as hell.
  • Do It For The Culture: Doing it for the culture can mean so many things, but for this reference it means making impact around something bigger than you. Her performance at Coachella put black culture on the map. I’m sure HBCU’s google search inquiries increased drastically. She brought awareness to it in so many art forms. Are you making impact with what you are doing? Rather you are a corporate gal, side hustler or entrepreneur make impact for your culture.



Balance is BS! 3 Tips To Help Find Your Own Groove

Last weekend during the Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs Brunch we learned a few things. 1. Invest in yourself. And 2, it is totally possible to have a thriving business while still working a full time job. The key? Balance, or better yet defining YOUR definition of balance. If we are being real with ourselves balance is totally BS.  There are simply going to be days where one priority outweighs something else really important in your life. True balance is about being real with yourself and finding your own personal groove. Here are 3 tips you can use to help with balancing everything coming your way. Continue reading “Balance is BS! 3 Tips To Help Find Your Own Groove”


Don’t Quit Your Day Job Until You Have a Plan

Everyone makes entrepreneurship look extremely glamorous, especially on Instagram. Everyone is rich, going to the best places, and experiences the best life possible. Spoiler Alert: This is not always the case. It takes time to make money, build a brand and create a cult like following. Oh, we know so well over here at Boss. Not to be a Debbie downer but we want to be real with you. When you take a big risk and quit your job you need a plan. Without one you, you will either give up and go get a job when the going gets tough or you will be spinning in circles not knowing what to do next. With all of that being said here are some tips on how to create an exit strategy to begin cultivating the career of your dreams:

  1. Define exact what it is that you are going to do when you quit your job. Without knowing exactly what you are going to do, you will try everything. Trying everything will lead you to confusion. I would suggest to write out a business plan to stay on track on what your goals are and your objective to each of them.
  2. Who is your target audience? Have you made it clear on who you are marketing to in your new venture? How do you talk to them? Where are the located at? How will you find more people to engage with your brand?
  3. Save your money. I can not stress this enough. Anything can happen, so have at least 6 months worth of savings to pay your bills.
  4. Build relationships. Don’t wait to start connecting with people, start connecting now! You never know who can help you along the way, so begin connecting with everyone.
  5. Stay Focused. If this is something that you truly want for your life, stay focused on going after it. Wake up early, go to bed late, do what you have to do to accomplish what you want. It will not be easy but it will be worth it!

Never Stop Making Lemonade

This past weekend at the Side Hustler Brunch we indeed made lemonade. We had so many jewels dropped from our amazing speakers. The biggest take away, it is hard side hustling but if it is truly based within your passions, gifts and purpose, the hard work will pay off.Stay focused! And if it was easy everyone would be doing it, duh. For those who could not attend, here is a quick recap on the jewels dropped that we all need to hear over and over again:

1.) You must be Called to Be a Boss. Not everyone is capable, even when they say they are…

2.) Endurance and Excellence at the Same Dam Time.

3.) Invest in Yourself. That’s why you are side hustling, to pay for all of the costs to get your business up and running.

4.) Get Below the Foundation & Unearth Everything That You Should Not Have & That is Not Benefiting You!

5.) Being a Boss is About Helping Others, Not What You That is Tangible


Service Agreement Template

If you attended the Side Hustler and Entrepreneur Brunch this weekend, you heard me say you absolutely need to have a service agreement if you are working with clients, vendors, sponsors or partners. As promised I am giving you guys that template shown here. But we are giving it to our entire Boss Community, bc if one boss woman has some information that can be a valuable tool we all need that information.

Template for use: (please note: this template can be reformatted as needed to fit your business and BWWB is not liable for your company using this template)

Service Agreement

This Service agreement is made and will be effective on (insert date). The conditions of this agreement are as follows.

BETWEEN: (Your Company) in Collaboration with  

WITH: (Company you are partnering with)

Services Provided

Your company name will (what are the agreement terms) and (date, location and time). The partner listed above will provide (what). (The company you are partnering with is required to do what) will be required (to do what). (When will the partner have the product or service you are requesting). What are the terms of your company: will you provide social media exchange, logo mentions, etc.


What fee will you pay the partner or what fee will the partner pay you and when?

Client Signature: ____________________________

Print name: ___________________________________    Date: _____________




Must Read Books For Every Boss Woman This Year

     There is something about a great book that will make a woman feel like she can conquer the world.  Amazing books will inspire give you and give you that extra push or motivation you have probably been needing for a while.  Don’t have time to actually sit down and read a book?  Audio books are here to get some praise as well!  Perfect for getting some extra reading done while driving to work, cleaning the house or putting some time in at the gym (who said multi-tasking was a bad idea?), audio books are just as effective.  Whichever way you decide to get some extra reading done, here are a few books every boss woman should read this year. Continue reading “Must Read Books For Every Boss Woman This Year”


Social Media: 3 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

     Facebook.  Instagram.  Twitter.  Snapchat.  Pinterest.  Youtube.  Yes the list of social media platforms continues to grow every year.  Social media is, by far, one of the top issues that cause the most angst among new business owners.  What should I post? What’s the best time?  Which platforms should I focus on the most?  Honestly, the answer to those questions are unique to your business and your target audience, however; here are 3 things you might be doing wrong on social right now. Continue reading “Social Media: 3 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong”



5 Reasons You Need A Business Bestie

You finally launched your business and excitement is at an all-time high. You eat, sleep, and breathe this business and it has officially become your second child. Suddenly, you realize being an entrepreneur or having a side hustle is lonely. No one understands all that you go through.  And, no matter how much you try to explain why you are freaking out over the number of people who visited your website last week, it seems as if you are talking to a dead wall. If this sounds like you, here are 5 reasons you need a business bestie like yesterday! Continue reading “5 Reasons You Need A Business Bestie”


Being a Boss

OMG.com! We are so delighted to share our first blogger take over post of the year. Catherine Davis, Career Strategist (@careerstrategypro) is a dear friend, boss in her own right, and too legit to quit in the career space. Here’s Catherine’s guest blog post on being a boss.

It’s 5ish in the evening and I dash into the house, kick off my shoes, grab the mail off of the kitchen table and sit. My ‘rest’ is short because now it’s time to fire up the laptop and conference line for the pre-scheduled 6:30PM career strategy call followed by a to-do list of guest blog posts, speaking engagement proposals, workshop outlines, and more things that invade my brain but never make it to paper. Continue reading “Being a Boss”