Host and businesswoman Marty McDonald interviews boss women that have broken glass ceilings, made a mark and created brands or solutions that stick. You will hear solid advice and learn actionable strategies that you can put in place no matter where you are in your career as a millennial boss woman.

Boss Women On The Podcast

The best and brightest boss women join Marty on the mic to dish on all things, life, business and success. Here are just a few guests from out all-star lineup!


Meet Your Host

Like many, she wants to live her best life so she decided to leap after her dreams of creating a community of empowerment, change, and freedom after an 11-year corporate career with various fortune 500 companies.

She took an idea based on connection and turned it into a movement including the multi-city Black Girl Magic Tour, the annual Boss Woman of the Year Summit and a loyal community of more than 100,000 women. Marty’s plan is to continue to expand the growth of the community of women she is building and to help them empower one another through connection, networking and workshops.


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