We’re on a mission to encourage women to believe in the power of themselves and create meaningful connections to go confidently into the direction of their dreams!

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Whether you’re a corporate gal or an side hustler, we have tools, resources, and inspiration to propel you forward!

  • 5 Reasons You Need A Business Bestie

    If you are finding yourself in a situation where you feel like no one in your circle of friends understands what you’re going through most likely you need a business bestie. I met my business bestie after she hit me up on Instagram asking to connect…

  • Being a Boss

    OMG.com! We are so delighted to share our first blogger take over post of the year. Catherine Davis, Career Strategist (@careerstrategypro) is a dear friend, boss in her own right, and too legit to quit in the career space. Here’s Catherine’s guest blog post on being a boss.

  • I Dare You To Dream For More

    Truth or dare. The age old game is a hotbed for giggles, it’s the old faithful of youngin’ parties.  And it’s a good one, because you bare your soul with the chance of embarrassment or risk action that ends up doing just the same.

  • New Chapter, New Beginnings, New Mom

    Life has chapters—chapters of experiences, chapters of moments, chapters of understanding, chapters of relationships, chapters of feelings, chapters of living. They’re all beautiful, undefined, and magical. And in each of the cycles of the experience…there’s an end.

  • Negotiate Your Salary Like A Pro

    April 4th, 2017 was Equal Pay Day.  A day that highlights the fact that most women would have had to work until April 4th to earn what a man did in 2016.  Ticks us off too…ugh! There’s tons of discussion about the wage gap but one thing we are drawing a line in the sand on is…

  • Pretty Please Nail Polish

    Partner Like A Boss

    We’ve learned (and are still learning) some really cool lessons but the stand out is the power of partnership. Ready to put your plans in motion? Don’t underestimate the power of partnership for your business or your professional brand, either way, the same rules apply.

Our Next Event!

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We are all side hustling or creating businesses to make profit.  Your profit may equate to monetary terms, more time with family, more freedom or generational wealth.  However your why is defined on how you started your business is the main reason you keep ticking.  But let’s be honest, sometimes you gotta make money or as Cardi B says shmoney.  So I am calling, no forget that I am screaming, to all of my side hustlers and entrepreneurs.  Join us on April 7, 2018 as we discussed, “establishing brands that stick and make money” a fireside chat with Amy Hampton, Owner and CEO of Sociologie Wine.

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