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Corporate Women Unite: How to 9 & Thrive In Corporate

Let’s face it, so many things are happening in the work environment today, politically, socially, and environmentally. And women are the drivers behind many of these changes that will impact generations on the horizon. That’s exactly why us Corporate Gals must unite. It can be hard maneuvering in a work environment that may seem foreign, but we got you covered. We invite you to join us at our Corporate Gals Unite Brunch “How to 9 – Thrive”. We will talk with women that have been in your seat, or cube. Women who have moved their ranks from manager to director to VP and even President of some awesome companies. Women that have negotiated salaries, found their voice in the boardroom, branded themselves and made an imprint on becoming a boss woman in corporate America.

You will hear from:

  • Sarah McAloon- Former President Del Frisco’s Grille & C-Level Executive
  • Hattie Hill- President of Women’s Foodservice Forum
  • Lura Hobbs- Executive Strategist (Former President of LimeGreen Agency)
  • Nicole Smith- Founder of Smitn Consulting & Previous CMO of Dallas Wings
  • More panelist announced soon

What to expect:

  • Tips on Negotiating
  • Finding Your Voice
  • How to Move from Manager to Director
  • Being Your Authentic Self
  • Mindfulness Coach on Visualization

On top of hearing from dynamic women, you will leave with Affirmational Cards that you will use daily, list of books you need today, connections with your new corporate bestie & yummy bowls from Gather Kitchen.


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Whether you’re a corporate gal or an side hustler, we have tools, resources, and inspiration to propel you forward!

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