A Conversation With Women Around the Back Story of Who They Are, the Brands They Have Built and the Grit and Determination on How They Won Through Their Career Journey.​


Whether you’re attempting to overcome obstacles, get a job, accomplish goals, or chase after a dream, the key to success is developing a determined attitude. "Behind The Brand" is bringing you stories of people who have accomplished their big goals with grit and grace. Join us on this journey of career growth and personal balance.

Fuel For Your Big Dreams

Determination is the ability to make difficult decisions and accomplish goals, regardless of the resistance you encounter. It is the ability to set ourselves toward our pursuits, and not allow ourselves to be distracted or discouraged. We want to showcase the stories of these women to show how they have built million dollar brands or created impact at billion dollar companies: This video series will showcase their stories by highlightingshows b-roll of what they built, where they have come from and where they are going from here!

Episode 1

BossWomen Team

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Episode 2

Brittany Willis- PJ's Coffee

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Episode 3

Kalisha Price- K. Price Interiors

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Episode 4

Rosemary Osondu- Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Episode 5

Alyssa Nichols- Eunoiafit​

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Episode 6

Tai Beauchamp - Brown Girl Jane

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Episode 7

Shawntee Reed- Square

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Episode 8

Latoya Haynes- Intuit

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Episode 9

Leslie Boles- Healthcare Compliance

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Episode 10

Cheryl Adkins-Green- Mary Kay

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Episode 11

Angelina Howard- Amazon

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Episode 12

Iris Diaz- Dallas Mavericks

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