Want to be connected to the best and brightest women who are making money moves, creating connections that can elevate careers and accountability that ensures you crush your goals? Then #bosswoman you've come to the right place!

Access to 75 hours of advice, strategy, information and inspiration from some of the world's most successful corporate queens, entrepreneurs, side hustlers and celebrities.
Black women are not one-dimensional and we wear many hats daily, so whether you hold the title of CEO, mom, employee, side hustler, corporate queen, dreamer, etc, our membership is FOR YOU!! You'll learn:

  • When should you take the leap and leave your career to pursue your passion?
  • How to develop a Fearless Money Mindset
  • How to Identify your target audience in order to hit your money mark
  • How to heal from generational trauma and learn radical self love 
  • How to attract money into your life with daily money mantras
  • How to scale your business with Mielle Hair Care founder Monique Rodriguez
  • How to turn your passion into a career
  • How to pitch to the media and make them want you with celebrity ghost writer Pauleanna Reid
  • How to execute a business plan with the founders of Urban Skin RX, Honey Pot & more
  • How to market and make your business stand out in a digital world
  • How to stack your coins by scaling, growing & diversifying your revenue

We are creating a place for us by us! Finally you can get real resources, content and connections without the threat of haters competing with you! Plus our member kits will have you swooning for more Boss! And the conversations on the global community thread will have you stimulated craving more for all our determined boss women.

At every event you get to connect with your favorite speakers at the exclusive meet and greet. You can ask her questions to help you navigate through your career and business. 

Content you have never seen before created just for you with our exclusive video series with women who are owning their careers and are excited to help ALL women win. Plus we are serving you with exclusive downloadable resources.

We've created tons of exclusive content to help you achieve your Boss Woman goals with grace and grind! Here's what your membership includes:

Expert Advice With Boss Women Monthly

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Your Boss Connectors Membership includes access to our most iconic interviews and content. Learn insights from influential black women in Hollywood,





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  • Hours of BossWomen Video Content
  • Exclusive Expert Session Content
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An Exquisite Experience!

"I enjoyed attending the past events you and your team held in Dallas. Each event has been such an exquisite experience and left an empowering impact on all that attend. I am looking forward to upcoming ones you may have set in stone. Continue to inspire and prosper. Boss Women Media has left a lasting impression on me and so many other individuals who are thriving in various careers. Your platform, voice, and passion has created positive change and will continue to do so."  



"Oh my gosh, I have been bragging on your event to everyone I know. People try to host events like yours but their is always division, whether it be division amongst race, popularity, etc. you just never feel comfortable. To me your event explemfied raw intentional connection. It was evident that you and your team strategized on how to be intentional with allowing all women to feel included. I absolutely loved every moment . The speaking sessions weren’t overly long and boring. It was to the point,precise, and uplifting."  


A Blessing!

"I met you in Houston on your Black Girl Magic tour. I have to say that it was truly a blessing to me. Not only did it give me the fire I needed, but it also gave me incredible resources as well. I am in the works of starting my business. I am determined to make my dreams a reality; I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Meeting you and the other three young women at your Black Girl Magic event gave me hope. It showed me that I should push my fears to the side and go after what I want. You worked your corporate job and then decided to step out on faith and run your business full-time. I have to say you are doing an amazing job. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to go for it - because of your story.."  


We are Saving You A Seat...

Come join us on this amazing adventure with Boss Connectors. We can't wait for you to join us in the member portal!