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Developing Your Soft Skills

Upgrade Your Beliefs: How to Own Your Voice and Story in the Workplace Powered by Capital One

Knowing how to own your voice and story in the workplace to be an agent of change can help make …
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Creating Economic Empowerment in the Black Community Presented by Amazon

Boss Women Media’s mission has also been to be the #1 place for millennial #blackwomen. As a Black-Owned, Female-Founded business, we’re all …
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Motivational Tips for Work Weeks

Women Who Upgraded: Leading and Influencing with Authority and Integrity in the Werkplace Presented by Amazon

Being an effective and well-respected leader isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes lots of self-reflection and evaluation in providing …
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5 Tips for Empowering the Next Generation of Boss Women Powered by Capital One

Have you ever heard the saying, “empowered women, empower women.” Well, the same is true here at Boss Women Media …
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Building to Upgrade and Scale: You Got a Biz, Now Let’s Create an Empire Powered by Crème of Nature

Building a business is one thing— scaling it to actually grow and take it to the next level is a completely …
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10 mid-day money mantras

10 Mid-Day Money Mantras Powered by Capital One

When you hear the word “money” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it things you would spend …
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Five Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Celebrate Your Beauty

How do beauty and confidence go hand-in-hand? As a woman, nine times out of ten, when you feel good, you …
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Here’s What You Need to Know When Breaking into a New Industry

Whether you’re changing industries or branching out into self-employment, the process can feel incredibly isolating. We have the control to …
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self-care during self quarantine

Avoiding These 7 Things in a Job Interview May Help You Land the Job

The interviewing process can be extremely nerve wracking and unpredictable. You go into the room with one thing on your …
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4 Ways to Remain Calm

4 Ways to Remain Calm in any Situation

Keeping calm during stressful times is sometimes easier said than done. The constant thought of whatever it is that is …
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