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5 Simple Steps To Figure Out Your Next Career Move

Are you one of the many American workers that simply aren’t satisfied with their jobs? Are you thinking about stepping out …
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Is Twitter the Best Social Media Platform for your Brand?

When you think of social media, one of the first platforms that come to your mind is either Instagram or Twitter. Both platforms are …
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So You Want to Create an Impactful Brand? Take These 5 Steps into Consideration

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate queen, taking time to build your personal brand is crucial to growing your career in today’s …
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5 Questions Corporate Queens Should be Asking their Employers

One thing the last 365 days showed us is how much our employers are willing to adjust day-to-day business to …
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What Does it Mean to Brand Yourself as an Entrepreneur

In today’s digital and media-driven world, being a successful entrepreneur means building a powerful and impactful brand. Having a defined personal brand …
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4 Reasons Celebrating Your Accomplishments is Critical

Many people may not realize that celebrating your accomplishments is so beneficial to not only your physical well-being, but your …
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Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition Part III

3 Effective PR Strategies for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, getting media can be difficult if you do not have a public relations firm on your team. We would like to …
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3 Basics For Getting Organized Like a Boss

Being organized is ideal for productivity and getting sh*t done. However, organization goes even deeper than the physical—psychologically it’s beneficial to your …
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How Hustle Culture Affects Entrepreneurs

There’s a trap out there that many of us have began to fall for and the worst part about it– …
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How To Break Into A New Industry Without Completely Starting Over

Breaking into a new career and industry can be a bit terrifying, especially when you don’t have much experience in …
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