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Transform Your Small Business

5 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to Transform Your Small Business into a BIG One

One thing many business owners may have not had time to prioritize is simply increasing the growth of their overall …
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4 Low-Cost Strategies to Help Small Businesses Grow their Target Audience

You’re currently stuck trying to figure out how you can gain more customers for your business. You want to do it the …
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Safe Ways to Balance Self-Care

Self-Care Check in: 15 Safe Ways to Balance Self-Care Amidst a Pandemic

Balancing self-care amidst a global pandemic looks a lot different than traditional self-care activities you may be used to. Taking a much …
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Remaining Productive While W-F-H

5 Tips for Remaining Productive While W-F-H

Working from home has become a lot of our new normal. With the start of COVID-19, many companies instantly transitioned to a …
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How to Stay Authentic in the Workplace as a Black Millennial

Authenticity is such as important topic today. Being able to remain true to who you are, no matter where you are …
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working remotely

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important in the Workplace and Beyond

As we know, diversity and inclusion are two things that must be talked about and practiced in every aspect of our lives, …
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3 Beauty Miracles

How to Become the Woman Who Knows Exactly What She Wants

We as women know exactly what we want—to some extent. Sometimes it’s just not in complete reach to obtain. Whether …
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4 Side Hustles You Can Start From the Comfort of Your Home

Now more than ever, this time has become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Creatives and freelancers are using …
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Budgeting Guide for Women

An Easy How-To Guide on Budgeting for Women Who Absolutely Hate It

For those women who hate the idea of budgeting, having to prepare a detailed budget and practicing the act of …
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Successfully Working Remotely

Here’s the Secret to Successfully Working Remotely

Working remotely is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the workforce. Several employers have given their employees the option …
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