2018 Boss Women of the Year Event


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For the second year in a row we are highlighting Boss Women, with our annual Boss Women of the Year Event.

It’s an evening experience for Side Hustlers to Corporate Gals that will leave you connected to make actionable steps toward your goals from the most inspiring boss women of 2018!

 Join us for this evening summit filled with panels, activations, delicious food, cocktails and much more.

The event honors women who are masters of their field. Women who have paved new roads. Women who have brought other women along the way. Women who put in the work. Women who saw a ceiling and paid it no mind.

They are founders, CEOs, Corporate Gals, Spiritual Warriors, Moms and legends in their own right. They are women to aspire from, be empowered through and just all the #goals you desire in your life! And we want to invite you to this magical night of all things #bosswomen as we celebrate, highlight and entertain you.

The core focus of all of this event is to entertain, enlighten and inform women around key topics surrounding #sidehustle life, entrepreneurship, and the real talk that comes with being a modern hustling woman. And to show you that you can do this with a little bit of grit and grind.

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The Keynote

The Panelists




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Stephanie Carter

Julee Wilson

Jaz Smollett Boss Women Who Brunch



The Moderator for the Evening

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Melissa Butler & Rachel Roff Boss Entrepreneur:

Side-Hustle To CEO: Road To Entrepreneurship + How To Build A Narrative & Tell Your Brand Story

Julee Wilson & Jazz Smollett Boss Moms:

Structuring Your Life For Maximum Impact To Reach Your True Potential

Adrienne Trimble & Valencia Bivens Corporate Gals:

The Ins & Outs of Making Money, Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Finding Success

Stephanie Carter & Brandi Harvey Boss Spiritual Warrior:

Reclaiming Self-Care As A Pathway To Empowerment

Judge Amber Davis-Givens & Paula Minnis Boss Philanthropist:

Cultivating A Career That Feeds Your Soul And Bank Account

Angela Rye Keynote Message: Honing & Amplifying Your Power Message


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