5 Tips for Creating Better Facebook Ads

Whether your industry is e-commerce, retail, financial services, or non-profit, Facebook Ads can significantly help your business.  We’ve all seen that option to boost a post on Facebook but should you? The short answer: YES.  But, do not go into boosting and paying for Facebook advertising blindly. Although creating Facebook ads is a robust endeavor, […]

3 Ways to Find More Time for Your Side Hustle In 2019

Ever looked at your to-do list and had no idea how you were going to get through everything? No matter what you do, your plan of crossing off everything on your list is interrupted by other pressing issues. Well for 2019 Boss Women, we are here to help you conquer your goals and get more […]

5 Inexpensive & Creative Ideas to Help Market Your Business

How much time did you spend developing your marketing plan this year?  As a side hustler or entrepreneur, we all know funds can be extremely tight.  Statistics say it takes at least 3-5 years for a small business to turn a profit.   Some businesses will not even make it to the 3-year mark. Marketing is […]

5 Must Have People For Your Business Team

Behind every great entrepreneur is a great team.  We’ve all heard of the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”, but who exactly should be on this magical team? Earlier this month, the Boss Women Media team spoke at an event about the must-have people every entrepreneur or side hustler should have in their corner. The […]

10 Boss Spiritual Warriors You Should Know

As Boss women running businesses, planning mommy & me dates and also holding down the office, there are several times where you need some spiritual rejuvenation.  While it is important to give, taking a moment to refill your cup is even more crucial.  You might have church groups or a good group of girlfriends but […]

5 Questions to Ask When You Need the Courage to Say Yes

How many times have you said to yourself all I need is someone to give me a chance?  Whether you are thinking about the next promotion you desperately want or that business idea you want to finally get off the ground, missed opportunity is one of our biggest deterrents.  However, instead of dwelling on the […]

10 Women Owned Businesses To Support This Summer

If you haven’t noticed by now, 2018 is definitely the year of the woman.  Women are taking charge in entertainment, politics and of course business.  Honestly this isn’t anything new.  According to the National Association of Women Business Owners more than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating […]