We connect our women to discuss pathways on how to develop the career of their dreams.

Whether you are a Corporate Queen who is navigating the workplace and need tips, tools, resources & connections on how to expand your career to the next level or you are a Start-Up Hustler who is navigating your side hustle, building your business or raising money we are the place for you!

Boss Women Media believes that connections are the blueprint for a path forward and at any of our events you will meet like-minded women that you can grow and expand with. Who knows you just might meet your business bestie at an in-person event or in our member portal online.

Boss Women Media is an online membership platform & offline women's empowerment & educational community. We create event experiences for women to connect through summits, conferences and networking opportunities.

We have brought in some very powerful women to be apart of Boss Women Media events including: Angela Rye, Massy Arias, Julie Wilson, Kela Walker, Necole Kane, Destiney Greene, Melissa Butler, Beatrice Hixson, Ebony Obsidian, Jazz Smollett and more!

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Like many, she wants to live her best life so she decided to leap after her dreams of creating a community of empowerment, change, and freedom after an 11-year corporate career with various fortune 500 companies.

She took an idea based on connection and turned it into a movement including the multi-city Black Girl Magic Tour, the annual Boss Woman of the Year Summit and a loyal community of more than 100,000 women. Marty’s plan is to continue to expand the growth of the community of women she is building and to help them empower one another through connection, networking and workshops.

Marty knows that most women are allowing fear to hold them back from accomplishing the goals they desperately want to achieve so now she is on a mission to connect with women who want more, women who have big goals, big dreams and are chasing them every single day.

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