What We’re Talking About This Week

The world is moving fast and we are doing our part to share the most need-to-know moments happening this week: 

  • One year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. See our post here on how you can remember the life of George Floyd while also setting boundaries on what you images and media you consume throughout the day. 
  • Bitcoin on our mind. For all of our cryptocurrency queens, Bitcoin is continuing its decline following a $1 trillion market loss last Wednesday. Although Bitcoin is still up 250% over the last year, we are still watching activity closely and recommend you do too. 
  • Building Black wealth through homeownership. A report by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) highlights historic Black homeownership rates, and underscores the need to significantly increase homeownership rates for Black Americans. Studies show that reaching a 60% Black homeownership rate will address significant barriers to housing access and wealth creation for the African American community.
  • Equity in America. Capital One, in partnership with Black Enterprise kicked off the first of a four part series on Equity. In the conversation in the first series, Black Enterprise brought together public and private sector leaders to unpack equity and the role they play in creating solutions that build more equitable and thriving communities.
  • Enough with the Superhero narrative. This Healthline article said it best: It’s time to stop mythologizing Black women trying to survive in a world that doesn’t value them. Read more about why it’s time for Black women to start saving ourselves from ourselves.

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