About Membership

Boss Connectors is a membership community to gives you exclusive access to events, video content, speakers and so much more.

After you set up an account please keep your login available to sign in.

Your membership includes: discounts on events, membership box, front row seating at events, speaker meet and greets, free downloads, exclusive expert advice and so much more.

7-10 business days after you purchase, and fill out your new member form.

Purchasing Membership

There is no discount available for the member program

Your membership will automatically renew after 1 year of purchase

You can reset your password with forget password.

Cancelling Membership

You can cancel at any time but will not have access to the portal after you cancel

You will not receive a refund after you cancel.

The Benefits

You will not receive a refund after you cancel.

We will have accountability calls the 15th of every mouth at 6am CST.

You will be emailed a code after you purchase the membership

We are planning for future Boss Connector Events only.