Be A Boss Call With Marty

What Is A Boss Call? 

Be A Boss Call is a 1-hour conversation to go in-depth on your goals for 2019. You will leave the call with a strategic plan and clear action steps. You will be given a plan to move your dreams from notebook paper to green paper. If you are currently side hustling and want to move that to your full time dream hustle, I will help you establish a 90 day plan that gives you an implementation process and tools to bring your vision to life. 

Not sure how to move forward with your goals? Let's chat to help you gain clarity, connections and resources you can apply today!

Topics Include:

Goal Setting

Business Strategy

Social Media 

Organizing & Planning


Finding The Right Team

Ready to Be A Boss...

The Be A Boss Call Is Perfect For You If...

  •  You have been dreaming of starting your company but don't know the steps to take
  •  You’re ready to take your business to the next level, and make a profit
  •  You think your business would benefit from getting a highly qualified opinion

How It Works:


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Kick Back & Prep with A Kit Of Resources 


I'll Initiate The Zoom Call When It’s Time!

About Marty

Marty McDonald is the founder of Boss Women Media. Marty created BWM in 2016 as a personal need to connect with women who desired more. She wanted to be around women who desired more from there 9-5 jobs. After great success from the first brunch in May 2016, she knew there was a need for women to collaborate together. Marty established the foundation of BWM as a brand from each brunch and soon knew this was not just a social organization but an opportunity to help women cultivate the life they desired.  

In 2018, Marty left her corporate job of 8 years to pursue Boss Women Media full-time and make it a world wide known brand. Boss is her purpose in life to shown women, rather they are a corporate gal, side hustler or entrepreneur you have a voice and you can create the career of your dreams.  

Marty is on a mission to connect with women who want more. But not a little more…Big More! Women who have Big Goals, Big Dreams and are chasing them every single day. Marty wants women to make their imprint in this world and that’s exact why Boss Women Media was created! Marty’s plan to making this happen for women? Build a community of women to empower one another through connection, networking and workshops. Marty realized last year that this is her true purpose in life and that most women are allowing fear to hold them back from accomplishing the goals they desperately want to achieve. The vision for Boss is to create a space that pushes you to be a better version of yourself. Marty is dedicated to providing an outlet that empowers women to take action over their life through Boss Women Media!

Crushing goals in less than 2 months!

"I met with Marty and she gave me the best advice on how to gain clarity and establish my goals. After following the formula she shared with me and focusing on the goals I truly wanted to conquer, I was goal crushing in less than 2 months and living a life with true fulfillment!" 

- Britney

Amazing advice.

"Marty is a true gem and inspiration. She encourage me to focus on my why. We discovered and unlocked exactly why I desire to reach specific goals and she helped me put a plan in place with measurable goals that were attainable to hit. I would recommend her to anyone looking to gain clarity and need help putting a strategic plan together!" 

- Laura