3 Ways to Sharpen Your Soft Skills

Have you ever stopped and realized that many of the skills you acquired over time weren’t formally taught to you? Formally as in needing a four-year college degree to successfully develop and maintain those skills. Skills that teach you how to communicate effectively with others, or how to lead a team or even time management […]

4 Things You Can Do To Be A Change Agent At Work

Knowing how to own your voice and story in the workplace to be an change agent can help make work more equitable and inclusive. This simply requires you to be braver, have a little more courage than those around you, confidently speak up, and create the change that you truly want to see. We’re sharing 4 things you […]

Boss Women Highlight: Breanna Brooks, System Analyst

Black Girl Magic is a rallying call for women to come together, connect, inspire, empower, and unite as one! Boss Women Media is the force that creates these magical moments for women. 2021 is the year where women get highlighted. You know the ones that are sitting at the table and who are taking the […]

Refresh Your Personal Brand

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate queen, taking time to build your personal brand is crucial to growing your career in today’s marketplace. You may think your reputation is enough to get your foot in the door, and in some cases it is, however alongside your reputation is another “r” word we like to […]