Start Up Hustler: Laura K. Wise, The BFF Network

Venturing out on your own can be intimidating for many reasons. But when you’ve got  purpose followed by passion and skill, anything is possible. Laura K. Wise understands what it’s like to toggle between a corporate queen and side hustler; and knows the effects of a “desk job” that limits her skills. In this interview, […]

Goal Setting & Mindset Shifting with Brit Wold

Goal Setting & Mindset Shifting WITH BRIT WOLD About The Guest Expert Brittani (Brit) Rettig is the founder of GRIT Fitness, an empowering fitness concept based on her belief that mental grit or “passion and perseverance for long-term goals” is the key to both fitness success and to living our best lives. Prior to founding […]

Home Hustler’s Content

Home Hustlers 2020: all the content Welcome Side Hustlers, Idea Creators and Innovators! Let’s take your idea to the next level! Home Hustlers includes weekly virtual panels, workshops and the pep talks you need to know to turn your passion to profit or scale your own business. Select each week’s content below! Week #1: The […]

Boss Women Of The Year 2020 Content

boss women of the year 2020: all the content Our annual Boss Women of the Year Summit honored women who are masters of their field. Women who have paved new roads. Women who have brought other women along the way. Women who put in the work. Women who saw a ceiling and paid it no […]

Black Girl Magic Summit Content

black girl magic summit: all the content Now you can experience Boss Women Media’s Black Girl Magic Summit in your living room! Our focus is to connect, engage and inform women around key topics like financial wellness, entrepreneurship, money management. We’ll also get real about the impacts COVID-19 and racial injustice have had on our […]

Who are You? Knowing Your Target Audience with Valencia Bivens

Who are You? Knowing your target audience WITH VALENCIA BIVENS About The Guest Expert Valencia Bivens is the Vice President of Customer Marketing for Coca-Cola, where she leads a high-performing team of Marketing professionals who utilize insights to deliver business strategies which drive the performance of our foodservice partners. She works closely with Zone, Business […]

Pretty in Pink: Leaving a lasting impression with Jamie Webber

Pretty in Pink: Leaving a lasting impression with Jamie Webber About The Guest Expert Jaime webber, is the forerunner of all designs & owner of the floral bar. With 23 years of growth & wisdom, learning from some of the best in the business from coast to coast, creating with color and texture comes natural. […]

Leadership Conversations with Lynnette Barksdale

leadership conversations with Lynnette Barksdale: VP Diversity & Inclusion – Goldman Sachs About The Guest Expert Ten-year HR and talent management veteran Lynette Barksdale is a thought leader and change agent in tech committed to cultivating an inclusive culture both inside and outside the walls of the workplace. She is the VP of Diversity and […]

Leadership Conversations with Traci Evans

leadership conversations with Traci Evans: Founder of Meow & Barks Boutique About The Guest Expert Traci Evans is a celebrity stylist, designer and owner of Meow and Barks Boutique. Meow and Barks, which has locations in Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Florida, provides exclusive and stylish fashions, accessories, and shoes. Evans’ latest production is a global fashion […]