Corporate Women Unite: How to 9 & Thrive In Corporate


Let’s face it, so many things are happening in the work environment today, politically, socially, and environmentally. And women are the drivers behind many of these changes that will impact generations on the horizon. That’s exactly why us Corporate Gals must unite. It can be hard maneuvering in a work environment that may seem foreign, but we got you covered. We invite you to join us at our Corporate Gals Unite Brunch “How to 9 – Thrive”. We will talk with women that have been in your seat, or cube. Women who have moved their ranks from manager to director to VP and even President of some awesome companies. Women that have negotiated salaries, found their voice in the boardroom, branded themselves and made an imprint on becoming a boss woman in corporate America.

You will hear from:

  • Sarah McAloon- Former President Del Frisco’s Grille & C-Level Executive
  • Hattie Hill- President of Women’s Foodservice Forum
  • Lura Hobbs- Executive Strategist (Former President of LimeGreen Agency)
  • Nicole Smith- Founder of Smith Consulting & Previous CMO of Dallas Wings

More panelist announced soon!

What to expect:

  • Tips on Negotiating
  • Finding Your Voice
  • How to Move from Manager to Director
  • Being Your Authentic Self
  • Mindfulness Coach on Visualization

On top of hearing from dynamic women, you will leave with Affirmational Cards that you will use daily, list of books you need today, connections with your new corporate bestie & yummy bowls from Gather Kitchen.


Past Events…

Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs Brunch

We are all side hustling or creating businesses to make profit. Your profit may equate to monetary terms, more time with family, more freedom or generational wealth. However your why is defined on how you started your business is the main reason you keep ticking. But let’s be honest, sometimes you gotta make money or as Cardi B says shmoney. So I am calling, no forget that I am screaming, to all of my side hustlers and entrepreneurs. Join us on April 7, 2018 as we discussed, “establishing brands that stick and make money” a fireside chat with Amy Hampton, Owner and CEO of Sociologie Wine

What to expect:

  • Actionable takeaways on how to establish your brand
  • Resources to use to help you understand a profit and loss sheet
  • How to determine if you can make money from your side hustle
  • Instagrammable backdrops
  • Brunch provided by Gather Kitchen (vegan and vegetarian options available)
  • Connections with other #bosswomen + who knows you make meet your business bestie

it's timeto shop! (1) it's timeto shop!


The Ultimate Vision Board Party


This unique full day workshop experience includes a powerful keynote speaker kick-off and then each boss woman will break-off  in specific sessions based off their goals. What can you expect from the break-out sessions:

  • Informative talks and feedback from some powerful Boss Women
  • Hands-on application of key learnings
  • Personalized support

Then everyone will come back together to create the biggest and most powerful vision board ever! Trust us, you won’t leave with the question, “What now?” Upon completion of the day, you’ll leave with a roadmap for action on your 2018 goals.

Through this full day session, you will experience:

  • Conversations with experienced founders, including the Founder of Boss Women Who Brunch
  • An interactive workbook that will help you take action and focus on what matters most
  • Individualized feedback and support
  • A take-home roadmap vision board
  • POP-UP Shops and Dance Parties

**This is a FULL DAY workshop 9-3. This is designed to give you the time to get hands on, to the down and dirty of your vision and goals. Helping you move from “what now” to “here’s how”.

Keynote Speaker: Necole Kane of XO Necole

Breakout Sessions:

Track 1 The Entrepreneur

How to Save Those Coins

  • Speaker: Marsha Barnes, The Finance Bar

How to Create Break-Through Brand Content

  • Speaker: Janelle Sands, Curls Hair Products

Side Hustling: How to 9-5 and 5-9

  • Speaker: Kéla Walker, Emmy Nominated Kela Walker

Queen Bee: How to Solidify Your Brand Message on Social Media

  • Speaker: Yodit Tewolde, Attorney and TV Legal Analyst
Track 2: The Corporate Gal

How to Save Those Coins

  • Speaker: Marsha Barnes, The Finance Bar

Workplace Diversity: How to Maneuver in an Environment that Does Not Look Like You. 

  • Speaker: Rebecca Minor, Chief Legal Officer

How to Find Your Voice at The Board Table 

  • Speaker: Alanna Sarabia, WFAA

Pay Me What You Owe Me 

  • Speaker: Rachel Lindsay, The Bachelorette 

Empower Your Worth Late Night Cocktail Brunch