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On each episode of the Boss So Hard Podcast, Marty McDonald will interview boss women that have broken glass ceilings, made a mark and created brands or solutions that stick. You will hear solid advice and learn actionable strategies that you can put in place no matter where you are in your career as a millennial boss woman. You will be provided with attainable solutions that will help you navigate corporate life, side hustling, or entrepreneurship. The podcast will air every Monday morning as a dose of Monday morning kickass juice.

Monday, June 25, 2018:

The Big Idea with Mattie James

On this week’s episode, we interview Mattie James. Mattie shares her story on how she created her brand  through creating a big idea out of thin air. Take a listen, as you will be inspired on ideation, reinventing yourself and listening to your audience. You will be inspired and empowered!

Monday, June 18, 2018:

What’s Your Why with Dana Jackson

On this week’s episode, we interview Dana Jackson, Founder & CEO of Beneath Your Mask, a skincare line sold in Neiman Marcus. Dana shares her story on how she created her brand and how that ultimately led to her WHY for life. Her story is impactful and shows that you never know how your journey will turn out so embrace the ride. Take a listen and have your pen nearby to take notes on all this knowledge that is being shared. You will be inspired and empowered!

Monday, June 11, 2018:

Visualize Your Dreams with Brandice Henderson

On this week’s episode, we interview Brandice Henderson, Founder, Creator and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row. She shares her journey in creating a business based off her passions, purpose and gifts. A girl from the south that went to the big apple to create something big. Her grit and determination was the catalyst that pushed her through a much needed platform for designers of color. After today’s episode you will leave inspired and empowered to go after your more!

Monday, June 4, 2018:

Creating a Brand that Sticks with Blair Nelson

On this week’s episode, we interview Blair Nelson, Brand Manager for WFAA News. She shares wisdom and knowledge on how she has personally created brands that stick through many faucets. We explore what creating a personal brand statement really means for the girl working in the corporate environment and how to communicate that statement with your peers. Take a listen and have your pen nearby to take notes on all this knowledge that is being shared. You will thank us later!

Monday, May 28, 2018:

Started With A Concept Now I’m Here with Emmelie De La Cruz

On this week’s podcast episode, we interview Emmelie De La Cruz and she is dropping gems for days! She went to school, got the “right” degrees, but found herself in a hamster wheel and not moving in the right direction. After several job lay-offs she decided to create on her gig based on her skills, passion and purpose! How many of us have been in just that situation, but afraid to take the leap because we don’t want to freak our parents out or our friends will judge us?!? Been there and done that! Take a listen, you will definitely appreciate her transparency and advice for those who want to start a concept!

Monday, May 21, 2018:

Staying Authentic With Rachel Lindsay

Staying authentic when everyone else is the same. It’s so boring being like everyone else, but yet so many of us are afraid to allow our own light to shine. But like the saying goes, “Just Be You Boo and Forget the Rest.” On this episode we are discussing authentic behaviors with Rachel Lindsay the first Black Bachelorette & Attorney.

Monday, May 14, 2018:

How to Wake Up And Be Great: Interview with Claire Sulmers

We interview Claire Sulmers on How to Wake and Be Great! This Boss Woman is the Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily and has some jewels around perseverance, self-care and moving forward to share with the Boss Community.

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