Sometimes there are periods in life when you feel alone. Experiences of hardship and difficulty can often lead you to this emotion, but I want to share with you no matter where you are in life you are not alone. Even if no one is there, God is with you and He will never leave you. This book was written to encourage parents and babies that you are not alone no matter what. I experienced a long 35 days in the NICU with my first daughter Elle McDonald and it was incredibly lonely and hard but when I focused on what God spoke to me, I learned I was not alone, and neither was Elle. My hope is that you are encouraged, and you can share that hope with your NICU baby.

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Marty McDonald, Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife and now Author is intentional in creating the life of her dreams and being a new mom was apart of that dream. After trying to get pregnant time after time she finally found out she was having a baby girl. At 26 weeks pregnant she found out her daughter would be born with CDH and would immediately need surgery and be placed in the NICU for recovery and healing. Little did she know she would also be faced with her greatest trial to overcome that she was not in control and that she would lean on God to comfort her and Elle and that neither of them were alone.

During those 35 days in the hospital, Elle's parents read to her every day. Now, you can have a story uniquely written just for babies in the NICU.


A thriving, healthy beautiful baby girl who is affirmed daily and the miracle to Kevin and Marty. Elle is unique and a one of kind that will always be reminded in life that she is not alone nd God is always with her.

Fransis Sermino, a dynamic artist and creative director took the words written for this book and created magical images that resonates with parents and babies.

Have friends or family who could benefit from this story? We would love for you to share this book with your network! The book also makes a great gift for new parents experiencing the challenges of the NICU.

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