Because we ALL need Community. Community is the blueprint for women to
achieve more. Yea, we can do it on our own, but the ride is better when you
have a boss woman cheering you on and routing for you! We are focused on
helping women create a tribe of like-minded BOSS WOMEN in their life. Plus,
who doesn’t love talking about world domination in a cute outfit and over a
We encourage our community to believe in the power of herself, create
meaningful connections, but most importantly go confidently in the direction of
her dreams!

-Founder Marty



Marty is on a mission to connect with women who want more. But not a little more…Big More! Women who have Big Goals, Big Dreams and are chasing them every single day. Marty wants women to make their imprint in this world and that’s exact why Boss Women Who Brunch was created!  Marty’s plan to making this happen for women? Build a community of women to empower one another through connection, networking and workshops.  Marty realized last year that this is her true purpose in life and that most women are allowing fear to hold them back from accomplishing the goals they desperately want to achieve. The vision for Boss is to create a space that pushes you to be a better version of yourself. Marty is dedicated to providing an outlet that empowers women to take action over their life through Boss Women Who Brunch!