What does a being fearless look like to you? Is it being unapologetically yourself regardless of who’s around? Is it embarking on new and exciting ventures to build your brand and business? Or is it simply having the courage to say no in situations that don’t serve or fuel you? Whatever your definition of fearless is – it’s time to own it and live completely in that fearlessness.

In partnership with Amazon Black Business Accelerator, we’re bringing you 5 important reminders as a fearless Black women.

Reminder #1: Putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish

When you put yourself first, you’re allowing yourself to be fulfilled before you pour into others. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure you’re making yourself a priority.

Reminder #2: Setting boundaries isn’t a weakness  

Some people may make you feel like setting boundaries is a weakness, but it’s far from it. Setting boundaries is the basis of self-care and being a fearless Black woman. When you set boundaries, you don’t allow others to take advantage of you – which is a skill set needed in all aspects of life.

Reminder #3: No simply means “Next Opportunity”

Don’t let those “no’s” discourage you. Turn those no’s into positives and simply view them as “next opportunities.” There’s not a no that’s stronger than your destined yes!

Reminder #4: Don’t let fear determine your future

Fear in any instance is simply not an option. Don’t let fear be the feat of your future.

Reminder #5: Know you are worthy of your desires

Whatever you may desire, know and believe that you are worthy of it. Being a fearless Black woman requires you to be so in tune with yourself that nothing or no one can deter you from that, so regardless of where you are in life, you are always worthy of your hearts desires.

To learn more about Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator as you embody all that it means to be a fearless Black woman, visit Amazon.com/bba.

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