As we near the closing of Q3, many of us are extremely close to reaching our savings goals and need a few extra tips to make sure we get there! Managing your money—like any other task in life takes lots of practice, consistency, and time.

Mastering money management won’t happen overnight, but we’ve partnered with Cash App to bring you a few money management tips to utilize in Q4 and beyond. Continue reading to find out how to ease some of those worries and get those finances in check!

Money Management Tips to Utilize in Q4 and Beyond

Plan for the Future
Planning for your future sounds like a total “duh” but sometimes it’s easier said than done. In regards to retirement, it’s important to know what a 401K is, and the various options that comes with it (depending on the company you are currently working for).

Planning for your future also consists of staying current and up-to-date with your spending habits, and how they will affect you futuristically. Along with your 401K, you want to make sure you are investing, specifically a long-term investment in which you’ll have secure financial freedom for an unexpected emergency.

Eliminate expensive habits
Removing expensive habits such as dinner at a fancy restaurant twice a week, or purchasing a new pair of heels when you already have so many similar ones in your closet contributes to managing your finances. Once you begin to eliminate these expensive habits—you’ll quickly realize just how beneficial it will be to your bank account.

Make saving money non-negotiable
Think of saving money as the only option. It’s not a yes or no, but a MUST. Setting aside money for an emergency fund should be one of your main priorities in building a stable financial foundation. One of the easiest ways to establish your savings is to set up an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings account each month you get paid. Delegate a percentage of your check and contribute that to your savings and watch it grow!

Create a budget
Creating a budget centered around your daily, weekly, and monthly finances will immediately show you just how much you spend, as well as give you a better understanding of your financial situation. In order to create an effective and sufficient budget, listing out your expenses and understanding their role in your finances will allow you to get a bigger picture of how to manage your expenses moving forward.

Managing your money and building financial freedom can be extremely rewarding when you have a plan set in motion and you actually stick to it. Let us know in the comments if these money management tips were helpful on your journey to building your financial foundation and freedom!

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