When we think of the word leader, the first words that instantly come to mind are someone who commands and directs a group for a greater cause. Whether that someone is a co-worker, a mentor, a family member or even a friend – we’ve all encountered leaders through various stages in our lives.

But what does that leader look like in the Black community? Is that leader driven and solution-oriented to ensure problems for the Black community are being solved? Is that leader optimistic about the Black community and their innovation? Does that leader truly pour into themselves before pouring into others? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when determining how to be a leader in the Black community.

Felecia Hatcher, CEO of Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition Opportunity Fund and Advisory Council member of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, shares with our readers 3 tips on how to be a leader in the Black community.

Being A Leader in the Black Community

  1. Be solution driven. We know what the problems are and if we aren’t careful, we can spend a lot of time and energy discussing the problems and not fixing them.
  2. Be optimistic about the Black community and our innovation potential. We have amazing ideas and can create talent filled spaces where innovation can thrive when we approach our work and our community from an asset-based standpoint.
  3. Take care of yourself. There’s a reason they say to “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others in case of an emergency” when you are on a plane. This work will pull you, stretch you, and wear you out if you let it, so be intentional about taking care of yourself so that you can fully support your community.

“Being a leader in the Black community means being a good steward of the responsibility and creating as many points of access and opportunity as possible for others,” said Hatcher. “It also means, being a return on my ancestors sacrifices – it’s evolving and I’m constantly seeking new ways to grow as a leader and helping others do the same.”

Stepping boldly into your zone of genius so that you know the value you bring to your community and fully understand what your capabilities and superpowers are is what a true leader in the Black community exemplifies.

“Remember, a chaotic mind makes poor choices or no choices at all,” said Hatcher.

Felecia Hatcher is an Advisory Council member of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator. To learn more about Amazon’s commitment to supporting Black entrepreneurs selling in its store, please visit Amazon.com/bba.

To learn more about Felecia Hatcher and the Black Ambition Opportunity Fund where they invest in and support Black, Latinx and HBCU startup founders, visit, https://blackambitionprize.com/.

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