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Women are special and truly make the world go ‘round. Without women, there are so many things that we wouldn’t have or couldn’t do. It’s important that we show our appreciation for not just the women in our lives—but for all women and what they bring to the table. How Can You Show Up for the Boss Women in Your Life? We’re sharing with you 10 ways to show up for women in your life and beyond!How Can You Show Up for the Boss Women in Your Life? We’re sharing with you 10 ways to show up for women in your life and beyond!

How Can You Show Up for the Boss Women in Your Life?

  1. Advocate for them 

There’s nothing like women having another woman’s back.  As a woman, it’s important to make sure you have the next woman’s back. Whether that’s speaking up for her in an confrontational situation, or simply letting them know their voice matters and they are just as important as the next women, so make sure you’re doing your part in advocating for all women.

  1. Don’t invalidate their differing opinions

Long gone are the days where we are tearing another woman down. Lift her up, and even if her opinions don’t align with yours—don’t invalidate hers. Instead, learn to be a listening ear, you may just learn something new!

  1. Genuinely and sincerely make sure they are OK

We as women must always make it our business to make sure the next woman is OK. By genuinely asking her if she is OK, that may just be all she needs to keep going. You never know how much a subtle check up on another woman can mean to them. Make it your business to genuinely and sincerely check on the women in your circle.

  1. Encourage them/Cheer them on

For us women, some days are just simply better than others. We need those women in our lives that are our personal cheerleaders—the ones that cheer us on and encourage us to simply keep going. Make it a priority to be that kind of woman in another woman’s life!

  1. Celebrate their authenticity

When a woman can be her true and pure authentic self regardless of the setting she is in—embrace and celebrate that. We live in a world that is constantly trying to alter our inner and outer appearance. Being able to stay true to who you are as a woman is both inspiring and motivating. We should constantly be celebrating all women and their authentic selves.

  1. Help them find their voice

Some women find their voices faster than others. If that’s you, be a helping hand and help another woman along the way find theirs. Finding your voice doesn’t come easy to everyone, so if you’re in a position to not only help someone find their voice, but use it for the greater good, then do just that! 

  1. Reassure them

As women, we need reassurance every now and then. Reassure the women around you, whether that’s in their career, their purpose in life, or their faith—whatever it may be, your small gesture of reassurance could truly make all the difference.

  1. Compliment them

A compliment is literally one of the best free gifts you can give! It costs you absolutely nothing to compliment someone else—so why not do it?! Compliments uplift the spirit. Imagine the feeling you get when someone unexpectedly gives you a compliment—it makes you feel extremely appreciated and happy and sometimes you think about it all day. Now, imagine giving someone that same feeling you experienced—take the time out to compliment other women! 

  1. Have meaningful and substantial conversations with them

In today’s time, it can be so easy to conversate about gossip and negativity. Instead, center your conversations with women around meaningfulness and substance. Talk about things that will uplift and educate you, and watch how instant your mood changes. When you have meaningful and substantial conversations, you are less likely to fill your mind with negativity.

  1. Give them a seat at the table

Here at Boss Women Media, giving another woman a seat at the table is what we are all about. It’s important to bring along other women and give them the same opportunity you had. When we give another woman a seat at the table, we all benefit. The more we adapt to this mindset of being inclusive for all women, the more we will learn to appreciate what it truly means to be a boss woman making a way for all women!

Keeping these 10 ways to show up for women in mind, what are some things you’re doing to make sure you show up and show out for women all year long?! Share with us in the comments below!

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