This month’s Boss Women highlight is founder and CEO of Armoire, Ambika Singh. Ambika Singh is a changemaker and boss woman within her industry as she strives to bring you an unlimited wardrobe with unlimited access. Get to know Ambika as she encourages women around her to look and feel like their best selves in the most fierce and fearless way possible!

Meet Ambika Singh, Founder and CEO of Armoire – Your Unlimited Wardrobe

  1. What does being Fierce and Fearless mean to you?

For me, being fierce and fearless is about having the courage to tackle big problems. Instead of taking the standard, well-planned route, fierce and fearless people are on a detour to realize meaningful change. 

Important caveat: being courageous doesn’t mean that I don’t worry or second-guess myself. But I have found ways to manage my fears so I can keep moving forward. My best advice here is to focus on a problem that you care deeply about. That passion will help you silence those pesky fear-inducing voices in your head!

The big problem that caught my attention is the never-ending demands on the time of professional women. As I grew in my career, I experienced this first-hand, and witnessed it all around me: women are overwhelmed by all of the roles they have to play on a daily basis. I wanted to give women back time, and to make their lives easier. That’s why I founded Armoire, a clothing rental membership that allows women to access their dream closet. We build curated selections of designer brands, so women can look great and avoid spending time and money at traditional retailers. 

  1. What drives your motivation for being fierce and fearless?

  • My team – I’ve worked for several technology companies, but it wasn’t until I started Armoire that I found true, purposeful alignment in how I was spending my working hours. It is really energizing to work alongside equally passionate individuals who are aligned to the mission of giving women back time with a convenient alternative to fast fashion. 
  • My family – As the child of hardworking immigrants, my parents modeled for me at a young age that risk-taking is to be celebrated, and that home is the place to get extra encouragement to tackle your fears. What’s more, my husband is an incredible partner, and constantly encourages me to show up strong even when I’m not at my best. We were thrilled to welcome our first child–a son–last year. My goal is to demonstrate to my son that being fierce and fearless has allowed me to build something that I’m really proud of with Armoire!
  • My customers – Armoire customers motivate me every day to be bold, take chances, and confront challenges to improve our service. Our members have been incredibly supportive of the business–especially over the past two years–and inspire me to keep working hard to make women’s lives easier.
  1. If there were 3 tips you could share with our audience about remaining fierce and fearless, what would they be and why?

  • Surround yourself with role models who are taking chances and betting on themselves–their energy will be contagious!
  • Build a habit around taking risks–even if they’re really small at first, like asking someone you’ve never met for a mentorship call. Even if the answer is ‘no,’ you’ll develop resilience over time, and the confidence to take bigger swings. You’ll see that ‘no’ is sometimes the worst thing that can happen, and it isn’t so bad. 
  • Reduce your stress. It’s difficult to be fierce and fearless if you’re also harried or exhausted. Eat well, get enough sleep, and take care of yourself so that you’re not pouring from an empty cup. 
  1. How has being fierce and fearless contributed to the highs in your life/career?

Being fierce and fearless is the foundation on which I’ve built my company! Being a founder and navigating this business makes me feel immense pride and is absolutely my career high. At Armoire, we’ve built a diverse workforce with women leaders at every level. We have mentors and advisors that I only once dreamed of meeting. We’ve rolled out a more inclusive parental leave policy that truly sets parents up for success. Our members wear Armoire styles on broadcast news, when accepting big awards, or even while delivering a great presentation at work. I have to pinch myself because we’re just getting started. 

  1. Where can our followers connect with you on social media?

You can connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn

Follow Armoire on Instagram and LinkedIn, or read our blog!

  1. Anything additional you’d like to share with our followers?

My most-shared advice is to find your support network. Professional women’s organizations of all kinds have been my support system, braintrust, key to accessing new revenue streams, earliest and most loyal members, and pools of talent and capital. I have been truly lifted up by other women in my journey, and investing in my network has been key.

If you’re in need of an outfit for a big event, or you simply want to get your hands on the trendiest fashions, visit Armoire and use code BOSSWOMEN to get up to 50% off your first month, plus two bonus items!

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