How to Develop a Memorable Brand Identity

Finding your brand voice can almost seem as intimidating as finding your own voice, but it doesn’t have to be. Know that your brand’s voice already exists, and it’s up to you to truly identity, articulate and share it with the world. So how do you do that exactly?

Well, there are many ways to go about bringing out your brand’s voice, some ways are longer than others and some ways require a short, sweet and simple strategy. The process of finding your brand’s voice doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s how to develop a memorable brand identity.

How to Develop a Memorable Brand Identity

  1. Start with your core identity

Before trying to identity your brand’s identity, as a business owner, you must be clear on who you are. What’s your vision, mission and values? Defining these things will help you better understand who you are and what you do. Only then can you truly think about how to effectively communicate your brand’s identity. Ask yourself the following:

  • Why does my business exist?
  • What problem does my business solve?
  • How do I run my business?
  1. Build your personas

Your brand’s target audience plays a large role in your brand’s identity. You should always be genuine, authentic and transparent all while still connecting with your target audience. A few things to consider: how does your target audience talk, what words do they commonly use to describe your brand, what do their social feeds look like – as the business owner, your job is to merely create a voice that your audience can identify with.

  1. Review your content

This is the opportunity to take a deep dive into your brand’s content that you’ve created to examine how you currently communicate and look to your audience. What do your last 10 posts look like? What commonalities are you noticing within your feed? Looking through your content may help define your brand’s voice and give hints into what is and isn’t working for the brand. 

  1. Document your verbal identity

Once you’ve finally decided on your brand’s voice, now is the time to include your verbal identity within your brand’s guidelines. So, what does this look like? A few common elements to include are brand:

  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Persona
  • Vocabulary
  • Messaging

Now that you’ve had a chance to dive deep into how to develop a memorable brand identity, share with us below ways you implement making sure your brand’s identity is memorable.

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