As a professional, it’s not uncommon to feel some level of defeat and discourage at some point in your career. Experiencing highs and lows, wins and challenges is a normal part of any job. What you choose to do and how you choose to react is ultimately what will help you see opportunity through those times of defeat, without of course feeling – defeated. Keep reading below to find out five things you can do to kick defeats butt (both in and outside of the workplace) and overcome your feeling of defeat.

How to See Opportunity in the Midst of Defeat

  1. Make a list – When you experience signs of defeat, it can be helpful to make a list of factors that could be affecting you. Write down the challenges you’re experiencing and the perceived disappointments that you’re facing so you can address all of them. This is an ideal first step for overcoming any feelings of defeat.

  2. Look for a way forward – It can certainly feel disappointing or frustrating when you experience situations, outcomes or challenges you don’t like or agree with.Try focusing your energy on what you can control about the situation instead of focusing on the things you can’t.

  3. Focus on the work, not just the rewards – It’s so important to find satisfaction and joy from the work itself. Take some time to identify the tasks or projects that you especially enjoy, or that make the time pass quickly.

  4. Define the influencing factors – When you’re feeling discouraged at work, it might also help to take inventory of other more general stressors in your life. Perhaps you’re navigating a big life change, caring for friends or family members or experiencing personal challenges yourself. Even small stressors in your personal life can make regular, daily work feel overwhelming. Consider finding times throughout the day to practice self-care, even if you only have a minute or two. Small but meaningful actions can make a big difference.

  5. Reflect on your values – Your core values are the personal values that guide your decision-making. Take some time to reflect on those to ensure they’re aligned with where you want to be in your career.

Let us know in the comments below tips and tricks you implement to ensure you’re finding the opportunity in the midst of defeat. We will not let defeat win!

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