Who else feels like weekends feel like a 30-minute lunch break?! Same sis! The dreaded Monday mornings begin, and a new week is upon us—yet again. You suddenly stop and realize, you haven’t completed any of the tasks you set out on to do on your to-do list, and now the list is growing even longer.

For many of us, finding ways to conquer the beginning of each work week can be a bit overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re giving you 5 Monday Morning Habits to Jumpstart your Week.

5 Monday Morning Habits to Jumpstart your Week

Habit #1 Make Sure You Set Weekly Goals Before the Week Begins

Whether it’s meal prepping, going to bed earlier, or morning meditation, setting a goal for yourself to achieve is an excellent way of getting out of your comfort zone and having something to look forward to weekly. It’s important to keep a list of your completed goals and reward yourself with an incentive each time you achieve them such as a new book, a candlelit bath, or a night to indulge in one of your favorite TV shows. These small moments of self-love will not only give you a confidence boost, but will also help you prevent yourself from self-doubting thoughts and prepare you for an amazing week.

Habit #2 Don’t Sleep Through Your Alarm 

How many times are you constantly hitting the snooze button and whispering to yourself, “just five more minutes.” And how many times do you finally wake up in an awful and unmotivating mood? Let’s try working on not hitting that snooze button, but instead, immediately getting out of bed once that alarm sounds off. Training your body to wake up on time, and on schedule, will not only bring about discipline, but it will also allow your mornings to go so much more smoother because you won’t feel the need to rush—due to oversleeping.

Habit #3 Sundays Are for Planning

As the saying goes, fail to plan, plan to failLeaving everything until Monday to begin your organization for the week will for sure leave you in a frenzy. You’ll be all over the place, forgetting to complete certain tasks, and overall discombobulated. By designating Sunday as your planning day, you will give your mind the opportunity to thoroughly plan out and focus on the tasks for that week. You’ll also sleep so much easier knowing that your week is planned out and ready to go!

Habit #4 Keep Inspiration + Motivation at the Forefront 

A lot of times, weeks tend to start off sluggish, so you have to find a way to get yourself into the right mindset of pushing through and becoming inspired and motivated. Listening to things such as podcasts or watching YouTube videos of people offering daily affirmations and uplifting words of encouragement will help you get into a motivated mindset for the upcoming week. Ted Talks are also excellent influential videos that offer sound advice on several issues including relationships, global, health and lifestyle.

Habit #5 Remain Optimistic 

Going into the week with a positive and optimistic mindset is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you jump start your week off on the right foot. What you think, you become, so if you think positive and happy thoughts, no matter what gets in your way—positive and happy thoughts will radiate out of you. Positivity is contagious, so start your week off with it, and watch it follow you throughout!

What are some habits you incorporate into each week to make sure your weeks are productive and successful?

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