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Meet Ambrojah, Painter & Illustrator

1. Please tell us what your role is and what it entails?

I am Ambrojah. I am a painter & illustrator. But as a small black business we all know this also requires me to be the photographer, social media manager, marketing guru, administrative assistant, customer service representative and everything in between.

2. How did you land this position?

I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember. 7 years ago I was pregnant with my daughter and was working a full time job that had little to no phone service. So my work days were spent reading and sketching. I shared some of my sketches and drawings on twitter and the rest is history. The power of social media is something else!

3. What does your everyday “workday” look like?

I am currently a full time entrepreneur (yikes) and a mother so my day consists of, painting, illustrating on my iPad, cooking, cleaning, sending out emails, conference calls and literally raising a little black girl all at the same time. Every day honestly looks different, I can be home illustrating a book or at a local shop painting a mural.

4. What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by my trials and tribulations. The drive and the hustle I have came from a lot of darkness. The light, love, and power I have gained from that darkness keeps me going. The sacrifices I’ve made and will continue to make to ensure my daughter is safe, loved, comfortable, educated; this motivates me. I am raising a black girl; nothing more motivating than that

5. Who/what inspires your drive as a woman?

A client once asked me to do a painting  of her and her late mother. She opened the package and cried her eyes out. These small moments of healing and connection is what drives me. I am inspired by my daughter, Avery. I am inspired by my mother and all the women who’ve come before me. I am inspired by the black women I encounter every single day. With each work of art, it is my goal to make a person feel something. I want black women to look at my art and feel inspired, feel seen and heard. We go through so much as black women, making us feel as worthy as we actually are is a huge driving force for me. The POWER of a black woman is everything to me.

6. If you could switch job titles with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Jazmine Sullivan; I would love to be able to experience connecting with people in a musical way. Music is so Important to me but I unfortunately don’t have the vocal ability lol. I’d love to spend 24 hours creating music and singing in her shoes.

7. What do you think is the first word that comes to mind when others describe you? Why?

Vibrant. People tell me that similar to my art, my aura is pretty colorful. My art is sexy, bright, abstract, and comforts women in a way. My energy is parallel to that.

8. Where can our followers connect with you on social media?

Instagram and twitter @AMBROJAH. Website :


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