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Meet Ashley France, CEO of ANF Consulting, LLC

  1. Please tell us what your role is and what it entails?

I am The CEO of a marketing consulting company called ANF Consulting, LLC I help develop content strategies and marketing campaigns for entertainment entities , corporations , and brands

  1. How did you land this position?

I was previously a natural hair influencer and would study how to grow my account I grew so fast people started to ask me how & wanted to pay me…in 2017 I started my company based around business consulting then niche down to marketing consulting

  1. What does your everyday “workday” look like?

It’s different everyday which I love it could be : content creation, travel , client work , or hitting industry  events

  1. What keeps you motivated?

That this is bigger than me…if I don’t continue to walk in my purpose that’s affects someone else because the steps I’m taking are a part of a bigger picture.

  1. Who/what inspires your drive as a woman?

My mom I use to go to work with her and she was one of the first black women in her position so that’s all I knew really was boss women…she is the real definition of Google me she has articles for days about her work

  1. What’s one important thing you’ve learned while being in your role?

Every no is closer to a better yes…everything happens for a reason

  1. If you could switch job titles with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Mhmm probably a good & wine critic/ taster

  1. What do you think is the first word that comes to mind when others describe you? Why?

Consistent ! People have always told me one thing about you is your always consistent and I love that because it shows I stick to things and see them through

  1. Where can our followers connect with you on social media?

@theashleyfrance on all Platforms

  1. Any additional information you’d like to add?

I started a new IG tv series where I display my life as a business owner & entrepreneur called dear ASHLEY first episode drops on Friday


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