From the outside looking in, working for yourself may seem like the ultimate dream come true. You’re granted the freedom to evolve and grow your business to your desire, hire who you want, move at your own pace and make all the necessary decisions without having to answer to anyone above you. However—solopreneurship does have its fair share of challenges and difficulties.

It’s natural to face certain struggles along your journey of entrepreneurship. From the absence of advice from others to the overwhelming workload—we’re giving you 3 common questions entrepreneurs ask themselves when navigating entrepreneurship.

3 Common Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Themselves

  1. “But what if I fail?” (the fear of failure)

The fear of failure can be a huge struggle for entrepreneurs. One minute you think you have it all together and then the next minute your mind is racing one thousand miles per hour trying to make sense of it all.

When it comes to fear of failure, it’s important to combat this feeling immediately. Reassure yourself that failure is inevitable, but even if you do fail, dust yourself off and try again! You’ll never be down too long, and there’s always going to be bad days, but they don’t last forever.

  1. “It’s so hard finding a team that shares the same passion as me.” (wearing too many hats)

Many times entrepreneurs have difficulty finding people that share their same like-mindedness. People that are just as passionate and involved in their craft as they are. If you find yourself in this situation, first evaluate what it is that you’re not so good at and need a team for. From there, start by reaching out to people you trust and know they have your best interest at heart.

Finally, network within similar communities of people within your industry who are either looking to get hired or looking to collaborate, and then your team will organically begin to flourish. Keep in mind, it does take time and although your dream team may not form overnight– it will eventually happen for you.

  1. “Is this even the right career for me?” (imposter syndrome)

As an entrepreneur, when business isn’t going as planned, it can be so easy to second guess if what you’re doing is right for you. Don’t allow this mindset to takeover. Shift your thinking from “is this even the right business for me,” to “what changes do I need to make and invest in order to make sure my business is successful.”

There are going to be days in entrepreneurship that seem near to impossible, days that will have you questioning your purpose, however– don’t let these days define the overall success and journey of your business. By approaching those roadblocks with a different mindset, you are allowing yourself to first make mistakes, and then second handle them in the appropriate manner needed to keep your business afloat.

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