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100 Women Sitting at the Table is all about honoring women who are bucking tradition, making history and fighting for change in the workplace and the world. Over the next several weeks, we will highlight each woman in our year-long campaign and her story.

Meet Breanna Brooks, System Analyst 

1. Please tell us what your role is and what it entails?

I’m a system analyst for a major healthcare entity in the DFW area. I build and help develop the EHR application. An EHR is an electronic health record. You know when you go to the doctor and the hospital and they are typing information on your chart? I help build and support our health clinicians, I’m also a digital creator where I show different parts of my life while inspiring women to walk in their confidence.

2. How did you land this position?

What started as a student help desk analyst role in college a decade ago is what gave birth to my love for a career in technology and I haven’t looked back since. After graduation I applied to a local healthcare organization for a help desk roll and that opened the door to so many more opportunities and honestly still is.

3. What does your everyday “workday” look like?

I’m fortunate to have a career where I work remotely. So besides be able to open the laptop in my office while wearing PJs, my workday is pretty laxed. But the moment I open my laptop. I’m checking emails, looking through service request tickets from our clinicians and assisting with working on any upcoming projects that are related to my job duties. Then after my 9-5 like I proceed with 5-9 content creator life, where I’m sharing and inspiring through storytelling.

4. What keeps you motivated?

Besides my family I would have to say the women who depend on me to show up and remind them. They can have a thriving 9-5, they can start a small business all while being a mom and wife.

 5. Who/what inspires your drive as a woman?

There are so so so so many people but in short, my mom, my sorority sisters and tribe of so many women that I see on social media. Such as Dayna Bolden and Taryn Newtown I just love everything about how they run a business all while being these amazing spouses and moms.

6. What’s one important thing you’ve learned while being in your role?

Don’t be afraid to talk about money! When you know your worth and what you bring you can’t be afraid to ask for it. The worst that could happen is someone telling you no. Then you know how to move accordingly after that.

7. What do you think is the first word that comes to mind when others describe you? Why?

Genuine. I’m genuine about everything I do in life. From my interactions with people to building a brand/business. I’m genuine about it because I want people to feel connected to me and be a reminder, they can do it too.

8. Where can our followers connect with you on social media?

On IG @itsbreanna.nicole

9. Any additional information you’d like to add?

I’m also a digital creator that loves sharing and inspiring other women who are moms or working 9-5s. To show them they don’t have to settle in life they can go after whatever it is that brings them joy. Motherhood is a blessing and it’s just one of the many amazing things that we were put on this earth to do.

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