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 Meet Tiffany Johnson, Head of Underrepresented Founders Initiatives within AWS Activate 

  1. Please tell us what your role is and what it entails?

I am the PM- heading underrepresented founders initiatives within AWS Activate. In this role, I work closely with marketing, Business Development, and sales to design and lead Investment programs that reach and significantly benefit Underrepresented Founders.

  1. How did you land this position?

In 2019, I pitched a document to launch a Business Accelerator for Minority owned businesses. That doc resulted in a $150M commitment from Amazon to help Black-owned businesses build sustainable growth and equity through selling on Amazon. After developing such a huge initiative, my accomplishments have positioned me to build bigger, and the AWS Activate team offered me a role to do just that. Build Bigger.

  1. What does your everyday “workday” look like?

My everyday work day consists of Stakeholder Meetings, Meeting with startups, Research, Lots of Doc writing and Execution (Developing programs and Initiatives for URF).

  1. What keeps you motivated?

My family and community. I am big on family and community, and a lot of what I do is to ensure that my immediate family and those around me feel proud and can climb as I lift.

  1. Who/what inspires your drive as a woman?

In this season, I am inspired by my younger self. Growing up undocumented, moving from home to home and selling water on the streets of NY was not an easy childhood, but it has positioned me to succeed in an out of the workplace. When I think of that little girl, I am inspired. If she can get here, I can go further.

  1. What’s one important thing you’ve learned while being in your role?

Support and sponsors who are ready to put their money where their mouth is, is critical. We are solving real world problems, and when you’re in a field as such, you need to be around individuals who are ready to take meaningful action in the right way.

  1. If you could switch job titles with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk. He’s a powerful person and has so much influence. Who wouldn’t want the title of the CEO of Spacex and Tesla? Hahaha

  1. What do you think is the first word that comes to mind when others describe you? Why?

“Go-getter”. I index high on Bias for Action, and I go after things that I desire or believe will add value. Whether it’s at work, in my personal life or business. I’m 27, I Own 2 Homes pending 3, have a Short term rental company, started an E-commerce business, and have launched a $150M flagship program to help black-owned businesses at one of the largest company. I desired these things so I went after it.

  1. Where can our followers connect with you on social media?

Instagram: @influencedbytiffany

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