Being organized is ideal for productivity and getting sh*t done. However, organization goes even deeper than the physical—psychologically it’s beneficial to your mental as well. You know the saying, “when you look good you feel good,” well when your work space or home space is organized—then you feel even better, and of course more productive.

While some people may tell you that they work better in cluttered and messy spaces, the reality is—most of us are more functional and produce our best work when we are organized and clutter-free. Here are three basics for getting organized (and of course stay that way) like the boss you are! Check them out below.

3 Basics For Getting Organized Like a Boss

  1. Utilize Your Apps

When it’s time to get organized, Google calendar is literally your BFF and virtual assistant all in one. You can use your Google calendar to pretty much organize everything and more that occurs in your life. Whether it be a dinner date, a work meeting, yoga on the rooftop or taking the kids to ballet lessons—whatever it is, Google calendar won’t let you down.

It’s the ultimate organizational management tool that keeps up with all of your information right at the palm of your hands. If your brain is constantly racked with loads of things to-do, then utilizing your apps (Google calendar, reminders, etc.) is literally heaven-sent.

  1. Keep A Schedule + Follow It 

It’s one thing to have a schedule, but it’s another thing to actually follow through and stick to it. Creating a daily, weekly or even monthly schedule for your days will definitely help you stay organized. When you decide to keep a running schedule of everything you need to accomplish for that day, you allow yourself enough time to not only accomplish those goals, but to also make room for other things that may need to get done too.

  1. Know Your Weaknesses and Compensate

Knowing your weaknesses can save you a lot of disorganization and chaos. If you know that you aren’t a morning person, making time for your more intense and time consuming tasks should be done in the afternoon or evenings when your productivity is heightened.

If you tend to forget things, utilizing a planner or using sticky notes to help you remember things will make organization easier for you as well. You want to make sure you use your “weaknesses’ to your advantage, and instead compensate on them. Allow yourself to strengthen your weaknesses through your actions and incorporation of being organized.

Staying organized is no easy task, however for the ultimate boss woman– anything is possible. Make sure to incorporate these three tips into your day-to-day organization and watch as your routine transforms right before your eyes!

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