Marketing is complicated. At its core, marketing strives to find relevance among large majorities of people, all of whom are complicated. One wrong move and your efforts will not just fall flat but also cost you.

If you are looking to scale up your business for growth, it’s essential that you have a strong marketing strategy that propels you toward greater visibility and capital.

According to, businesses that survived through 2020 were the ones that remained in their customers’ minds. As we continue navigating 2021, its recommended that despite the external landscape, your marketing efforts do not stop – if anything reduce your marketing budget.

Here are 3 marketing strategies to utilize and help you leverage marketing as we come back to some kind of normalcy.

3 Marketing Strategies to Utilize Going into Q4

Leverage Content to Answer Customer Questions 

The pandemic has shifted BAU for everyone and created questions for customers. Develop content that speaks to how your company pivoted in light of the pandemic, as well as how you plan to navigate a post-COVID marketplace. Tell the stories that humanize your brand while underscoring your expertise in uncertain times.

Video is King 

Did you know that 90% of marketers said that adding video content to their strategy increased traffic to their site and almost 30% of shoppers said they would buy an item after seeing a video ad for it, according to BeMarketing. Do you need any more evidence than that? Take time to invest in a video strategy that elevates your brand in a fun and interactive way. Video can also be a key driver in social content and click throughs.

Build a micro-influencer bench 

The pandemic drove social media usage to new heights. eMarketer found that Americans spent on average 82 minutes per day on social media in 2020, a seven-minute jump from 2019 and a large upward revision from eMarketer’s original forecast. With more eyes scrolling through social, building a micro-influencer bench to share your brand story as well as products on a consistent basis can drive increased sales over time. Benefit to using micro-influencers includes lower partnership costs as well as more authentic engagement with followers.

Are you an entrepreneur searching for effective and efficient ways to market your brand? Let us know in the comments below other tips you use to market your brand.

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