Have you ever heard the saying, “empowered women, empower women.” Well, the same is true here at Boss Women Media. Every day we make it our mission to cultivate relationships and opportunities for all women to be successful. Whether that’s our corporate queens, side-hustlers or full blown entrepreneurs – Boss Women Media is all about empowering the next generation of Boss Women.

So what does empowering the next generation of Boss Women look like or even mean? Well, we’re glad you’ve asked! We’ve partnered with Capital One to bring you 5 tips on what you can do now to empower and motivate the next generation of Boss Women that will come after you.

From gaining new skills to providing strategies, insights and tools to women to help them propel forward – here are 5 tips for empowering the next generation of boss women.

5 Tips for Empowering the Next Generation of Boss Women

  1. Be a mentor to those that need it

Many women have learned and developed some of their best assets from other women. Being a mentor to another woman not only empowers the next generation, but it shows that women can reach and accomplish even more when they stick together.

There’s always going to be someone that may know something a little better than you – use that to your advantage and ask them to show you the ropes too. Being a mentor and having a mentee contributes to the greater good of simply doing your part to empower the next generation.

  1. Help her get excited about her passions

Most often, women tend to downplay their strengths and the things they’re best at. Take on the role of helping those around you get excited about the things they’re good at and passionate about. As women, our contributions make such a difference in any role, so realizing what those passions are can easily turn into strengths and take you to the next level. 

  1. Embrace feminine energy

Being a woman is a superpower within itself so why not embrace it?! Many things around us encourage masculine leadership, qualities and energy in order to truly be a powerful being, however as a woman, make it your business to step into your true identity with 100% transparency and authenticity. Be clear and accepting of your feminine energy because it’s so empowering sis.

  1. Create opportunities for her to grow

Creating opportunities for the women that will come after you is so important. Regardless of what that may look like, you’re taking the necessary steps to help set that woman and her future up for success. What are some ways you’re currently creating opportunities to help empower future generations of boss women?  

  1. Lead by example

Lastly, always lead by example. You never know who may be watching you, so it’s important that you show exactly how it’s done. Be confident in who you are and let the next generation know it’s okay to be your true, authentic and unapologetic self.


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