We’re already midway through June and so much is happening. Whether that be the latest royal birth, the droughts impacting one half of the country or even that awful attack of the cicadas, there’s lot to discuss. Here’s what we’re talking about over our morning coffee this week: 

  • A Lesson in Self Care From Naomi Osaka. Can we just take a moment and thank our good sis, Naomi Osaka, for being a living example of what it looks like to prioritize your mental health. Her recent decision to back out of two tournaments has left an indelible mark on the tennis world, and it’s also been the motivation so many of us needed. Read this article for more. 
  • Apple x Your I.D. Apple continues its quest to replace your wallet altogether with its latest announcement that soon it will be able to store your I.D. Set to launch this fall as part of iOS 15, the feature will be a legitimate form of identification. Apple has brilliantly worked closely with various states across the country and the Transportation Security Administration. We’re curious but not 100% bought in yet. Read more here.
  • We Must Support Black Farmers. A federal judge out of Wisconsin ordered a temporary halt to a $4B race-based relief program designed to bridge inequities among America’s Black farmers. A group of white farmers filed the lawsuit arguing the policy disparages them. We can’t say we’re surprised but we are motivated to do whatever we can to advocate for diverse farming in America. Check out this article by NPR on the topic. 
  • Sustainable Fashion as a Pathway to Racial Justice? Yes, you read that right! See how today’s leading Black women in fashion are leveraging their influence to find new ways to contribute to the cause of equity. We couldn’t be more excited to see what these Boss women do next. See article here
  • Why We All Need to Know Brigette Romanek. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend watching (and binging) Ellen’s Design Challenge on HBO. The show provides a look into the world of interior designers, craftsman and makers. But most importantly it introduced us to an incredible interior designer to the stars, Brigette Romanek. This Boss Woman has designed spaces for celebs like Beyonce and Jay Z (no other examples needed). Brigette is an institution in the design world and one we think you should know about. Learn more about Brigette, here.
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