Safe Ways to Balance Self-Care

Stress is a normal part of life, but you don’t have to let it control your life.

Facing your stressors and deciding to not allow them to take over your life is the key to de-stressing. De-stressing can be fun and relaxing (of course depending on how you tackle it), and we’re going to show you just how. Here are 5 ways to unwind in Q2 and beyond!

5 Ways to Unwind in Q2

Change your environment

Sometimes all it takes for you to de-stress and get back to you is simply changing your environment. Removing yourself from the situation that is causing you stress and allowing your mind to relax and get some fresh air will make all the difference in how you feel. Then once you’ve began the process of de-stressing, you will be able to better approach the situation at hand, with a much clearer and leveled mindset.

Practice a rhythmic activity

Rhythmic activities are great for the brain because it allows your attention and time to be focused elsewhere. Activities such as walking or running help to alleviate and relieve some of the stress, and allows you to recharge in order to get through what was causing you stress in the first place.

Human interaction

Being stressed can sometimes cause you to feel alone and isolated. Instead, practice human interaction and being around people that make you happy and don’t cause you any stress. These are the kind of people you need to associate yourself with in order for your spirits to stay lifted and happy.


To whomever higher power and being you may believe in, sometimes you just have to stop and pray. Ask the higher power to release all stress from your mind, body and soul, and to allow you to go into your current situation and the remainder of the year with a fresh and de-stressed mindset.


You’d be surprised to see how beneficial it is to just stop and breathe in your moment of stress. Slow, focused deep breathing can instantly decrease that sensation of tension and stress triggers. Breathing when you’re feeling stressed will allow you to exhale all negative and toxic energy from your current situation, so your mind can be at ease.

Although these de-stressors are great strategies to incorporate in the remainder of this year, it’s important to adapt them and continue to practice them into the years ahead. You don’t have to wait to utilize these tips to remove stress from your life, because if you’re anything like us—stress can definitely feel like a full-time job at times, so incorporate these five tips and let us know how you unwind in Q2 and beyond!

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