Have you truly ever sat down and visualized yourself working your absolute dream job? A job in your dream industry where you truly get to wake up every single day and it feels like you aren’t even working. A job that you look forward to going to each and every day because you truly love what you do and you couldn’t imagine yourself doing anything else. Sounds amazing, right?

So you may be wondering what are the steps you should take to land your dream job?! Well, we’re so glad you asked! Here are 5 strategies for landing your dream job and of course keeping it!

How to Land Your Dream Job + Keep It

Strategy #1 Evaluate Yourself

When it comes to approaching and preparing yourself for landing your dream job, the first thing you need to do is evaluate yourself. Evaluate your skills and qualifications for this specific job. Why you are interested in this dream job in the first place, and what makes you the best candidate for this role. In your evaluation process, use it as a period of self-reflection as if you’re interviewing yourself—anything that you may stumble on or that you’re unsure of—hone in on those things and fix them!

Strategy #2 Make Sure Your Resume is Career Specific

Building a career specific resume should be the second most important thing on your list. No matter what the role is, you want to make sure your qualifications and skills represent just that. Don’t lie—however, base your resume on the job in which you are applying for. Because this is your dream job, you want to make sure your resume shows that you are more than qualified for the position especially since you already have a strong passion for it.

Strategy #3 Tailor Your Cover Letter to the Company and Position You’re Applying To

Regardless if the employer asks for a cover letter or not—make sure you include one! Your resume can only do so much, but your cover letter does everything else! Cover letters represent an in-depth description of not only your experience and skillset, but you as a person. You want to make sure you’re using enthusiasm, and even throw in a couple of facts about the company—that’ll for sure make you stand out and gets you that much closer to landing that dream job!

Strategy #4 Establish an Online and Offline Presence

Establishing both an online and offline presence is so important—and you want to make sure they aren’t polar opposites. When it comes to establishing your online presence, always use your full name. Specifically with professional sites like LinkedIn, it’s important to do so because it contains your portfolio, resume and any additional relevant material that represents and speaks for you. You want to make sure your online presence is just as professional as your offline presence because employers do take the time to look at and evaluate both.

Strategy #5 Network, Network, Network

Get involved and network within your industry! Networking is such an important thing—especially in today’s job market. Who you know can get you through so many doors and could even possibly land you that dream job role! Keep in mind that your network is so much more bigger than a few Twitter handles and LinkedIn connections—truly take the time to get to know these people because their professional experience could be just what you need to land that dream job.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve used these 5 strategies to land your dream job and other tips and strategies you’ve incorporated!

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