When you think of social media, one of the first platforms that come to your mind is either Instagram or Twitter. Both platforms are used to engage in content shared with various people around the world. However, when you actually stop and realize the power of social media, you begin to notice that it’s used so much more than just as a platform to post pictures and news.

Many businesses have begun to grasp the importance Twitter has not only on their audience, but their brand as a whole. Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable business owners use their Twitters as a means of brand awareness and credibility for their business—and fortunately for you, you can too.

As a business owner, adding Twitter to your digital marketing strategy is so essential and important for not only your brand, but for you too. If you aren’t utilizing Twitter for your brand’s strategy in 2021, then what are you truly waiting for?! The time is now! Check out these 6 ways for using Twitter to boost your brand.

Using Twitter to Boost Your Brand

Identify and Engage with Influencers

When it comes to social media, influencers play a large role in brands and businesses. As an entrepreneur, engaging with influencers allows you to create opportunities that could gain you more followers, more traffic to your business, and more brand awareness. Normally, an influencer in your industry already attracts the audience you are targeting, so building relationships with these influencers is beneficial for both parties.

Credibility Management

Credibility is so important to you and your brand, it’s basically what your brand is built upon. Anytime your brand’s credibility is tarnished, it has a negative effect on you and your audience. Using Twitter to interact with your audience whether it’s through a complaint or a compliment should be one of your main focuses.

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is not interacting and being proactive with an upset follower. As a business owner, if you fail to address these complaints, these could cost your company its credibility. Remember, transparency is key!

Manage your Connections with Twitter Lists

Do you truly know how to use Twitter lists to their fullest potential? Twitter lists can be used to organize current customers into one place, as well as build customer loyalty through personalized list. These twitter lists are great tools to take advantage of when it comes to networking and building your brand.

Creating a list of people such as influencers, media outlets, local news sources, or even buyers will not only create a one-stop-show for event related news, but it will also allow you to share these lists with several other brands and businesses too.

Tweet Unique and Engaging Content

Sometimes this can sound much easier said than done. When it comes to curating content for your business, you have to make sure what you put out is unique, informative and engaging. Your audience wants to see real and authentic content from your business.

Incorporating things such as Twitter polls for your audience or even tweeting out specific questions that pertain to your business allows for engagement between you and your audience. Majority of your content should be both unique and engaging in order to draw your audience in and keep their attention!

Run Twitter Ads

When it comes to Twitter ads, target your email list! The people that have subscribed to your email list have already shown you their interest and commitment, so when you decide to set up your ads—make sure you use your target audience for reference.

Twitter will then take the subscribed email addresses and target those users whenever you decide you want to promote something for your business. This is just one of the many ways you as an entrepreneur can use Twitter to help promote and grow your business.

Use #Hashtag

Hashtags are one of the most leading engagement tools you can use as a business owner to get exposure for your brand. Although deciding to squeeze every hashtag possible into each tweet seems tempting—it’s not the smartest business move. Narrow down your hashtag selections and consistently use those to draw attention to your business.

Overtime, these hashtags will become associated with your brand and will pop up every time your business is searched. Using hashtags is a great marketing source to get your tweets in front of the right group of people.

Using Twitter to boost your brand is so vital in how well it continues to grow. Let us know in the comments below how you incorporate Twitter into your business’ overall growth.

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