Ain’t I A Woman: Taylor Crawford-Williams

I started losing my hair in high school. Although devastating, I did not understand at the time how to properly treat my scalp or what was actually going on so weaves, braids, and wigs were my coverup. Over the years, my scalp got worse and while practicing as a cosmetologist it was clear that I wasn’t the only woman suffering with alopecia.

What I wish I’d known then is how our diet, stress, and other demands in life play a major part in aiding hair loss. After thirteen years of not seeing any growth in the crown of my head, my scalp is finally on the road to being healed. My desire is to share everything that I’ve learned and am learning on this journey.

The focus is not to cover up the issues with our hair, but to get to the root of the cause and fix it.

I’m a woman that desire to see other women heal in a holistic way. The knowledge that I’ve gained, food consumed, and products created are not just for me. They’re for every woman struggling to be free.

Instagram: @freeyourroots

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