Ain’t I A Woman: Stacey Brown

My name is Stacey Brown and at 25 I was diagnosed with MRKH. MRKH is a rare syndrome that affects 1 in 5,000 women where you’re born without uterus and with an underdeveloped vaginal canal. The world tells you that being able to give birth to a child and your body parts are what makes you woman. I wondered if there was a space for a woman like me. Am I too included in Women’s History Month?

I still struggle with feeling like a woman, with feeling feminine or sexy. September 18th, 2020 I decided to share my MRKH story on instagram. I received lots of love and support. I had people tell me that I am whole and that I am woman. I’ve learned overtime that sharing my story is a form of advocacy.

As black women we don’t talk about things like MRKH or infertility. We are forced to hide behind what happens in this house stays in this house. I want to continue sharing my story and amplifying my very black and very powerful voice.

So to the question “Ain’t I A Woman” I say yes. I am a beautiful, strong, and vulnerable woman. I am a woman with a story to tell. I am a woman who is going to change the world. I am on a journey of self love which requires so much grace. I am going to scream from the top of my lungs “Ain’t I A Woman” until I believe it with every bone in my body.

Instagram: @stacey_n_thehouse 

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