Ain’t I A Woman: Rachel Roff

I grew up in Northern California, where – at an early age – I experienced intense bullying due to being overweight, struggling with acne and brandishing a large, precancerous nevus mole on my face. Getting a college degree was important to me; however, my experiences also fueled a growing passion to become a medical aesthetician and open a medical spa. I attended University of San Francisco and later moved to Charlotte, NC, where I attended University of North Carolina at Charlotte for Sociology.

Determined to push forward, I only waited one week after graduating before attending the National Aesthetics Institute. Upon receiving my license in 2004, I began working at a medical spa as a laser technician. New to the industry, I quickly discovered the lack of education and services available for treating common concerns and conditions seen in darker skin tones. Shocked and frustrated by this total injustice, I made it my life’s mission to make the skincare industry more inclusive. This unrelenting passion drove me to start Urban Medspa® and Weight Loss Center in 2006 in Charlotte, NC.

Urban Medspa® quickly became a huge success, with clients and celebrities traveling from out of town to seek treatments for common skin conditions in darker skin tones. After treating thousands of patients, I recognized the need for my expertise outside of Charlotte, NC, and launched Urban Skin Rx®, a collection of clinical skincare products for diverse skin tones, in order to extend my expertise and treatments to people all over the world.


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