Ain’t I A Woman: Samora Suber

I’ve always been a girls’ girl, growing up with a bunch girlfriends. We had our teenage sleepover parties that turned into lavish girls trips, and I was always the one ready to discuss dreams, goals, and deep dive into personal conversations. I even took it as far as to lead “interventions” to ensure that we bring honest opinions to each other rather than discuss it behind their backs. I wanted to scratch the surface and deepen my friendships by being able to help them realize their potential and be bold with their dreams. Now, I’ve created a business around these honest and vulnerable moments. I help women to become more clear, connected, and confident in their minds, bodies, and spirits. I do this work through yoga and movement therapy, life coaching, and meditation workshops.

I know that every girl didn’t grow up with a close sister circle of friends who support, challenge, and give them permission to be their authentic self in a safe space. But every girl and woman deserves this. So within my business, SamoraLife, I try to provide that feeling of love, honesty, accountability, and motivation. I believe that when women are healthy, healing, and whole, we can influence our families, our communities, and our culture to reflect our values.This is how we create lasting change. It starts with us women.

Instagram: @samoralife

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