Ain’t I A Woman: Madilyn Wiley

Madilyn Wiley is bridging her work as an educator to her community in a major way. Beyond the hallways of her elementary school, she is working with families on a daily basis. She ensures that they have everything from clothing, food, transportation, shelter and most importantly success in the classroom. Both academically, socially and emotionally. She has supported in the hosting of a recent drive and food supply for over 1,500 families. As well as, developed an immersion project with student with the ministry and education department of Dominican University. This is a university that is in the backyard of her district where many students apply to.

This project is to connect students upon their graduation to know more about the community and families that they will serve. So Much more in regard to her study abroad to Europe and her daily efforts to support her community with wrap around services could be mentioned. She is a rare gem and should absolutely be celebrated this Women’s History Month.

Instagram: @madiellisew

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