My journey has been a quite incredible and interesting one to say the least!

I’m originally from a small, very southern, town in Charleston, SC where being both black and a woman has not necessarily been championed for success.

However, at the age of 27, I became one of the youngest executive level employees, and the only African American woman at that level, at one of the highest grossing hospitality & nightlife companies in America. There I also served as one of nine on their global Diversity & Inclusion committee getting the opportunity to advocate and take lead for women in leadership programs, the access and availability to mentorship, and other policies and programs to support a diverse and equitable workplace and general industry.

As an Event Producer, I’ve worked with countless major brands, celebrities, and fortune 500 companies leading me to see such a need for creating more impactful businesses, leaders, and creatives.

With everything happening in the world right now, I decided there was no better time to step into the world of entrepreneurship and launch MEANT Consulting. We are a coaching and consulting company built to help dreamers, business leaders, and artists find and align in purpose to thrive financially.

In everything I do, my overall mission is to be a visual leader for other women. I want women to not only see me and be inspired, but to see themselves. With every title I’ve held from Manager, to Director, to current CEO, I have and will always amplify the voices of women and make it my mission to get and keep us paid and able to support ourselves. Along the way, for every man that has called me aggressive, demanding, or angry – there has been 5 women telling me I gave them a voice. And for that, I’m proud.

Instagram: @desireeabradford

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