Ain’t I A Woman:Kim Abbage Hart

I’m an Atlanta based Health and Wellness advocate with a primary focus on healthy recipe development, teaching people basic nutrition and how to meal prep. On my IG & Youtube I share recipes that are an updated healthy take on classics, meal prep tips, tricks and hacks. Oftentimes people equate “eating healthy” to “eating boring” and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m out to debunk that myth and teach people that with simple ingredients you can transform your meals into creative and timely meals that you actually want to eat. I’ve learned that with the proper access to knowledge, groceries and bit of education around food, many people are able to make a dramatic change in their lives. What is most gratifying for me is when my students or clients update me on having lower blood pressure or they have lowered their A1C and they either no longer need medication or they need a lower dosage.

The AHA moment when they realize that by making better food choices and moving their bodies more makes a huge impact on their health journey. I love teaching and sharing my story to lead people to a healthier, happier life.

Instagram: @kimabbagehart

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1 thought on “Ain’t I A Woman:Kim Abbage Hart

  • Ava Graves

    Congratulations Kim and collaborators . This is wonderful and needed. Many Blessings
    Ava Graves

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