Ain’t I A Woman: Shiqueen Brown

When I think about the phrase “Ain’t I A Woman” it embodies so much of my goals and values I set in my life. I’ve always had a mentality to take risk and build as I move through the world for the next generation. In 2016, I graduated with my Masters from Columbia University. To fund my graduate education I worked four jobs, and overnight shifts to create a safety net. Inspired by Black women leaders, I interned for Congresswoman Yvette Clark and Public Advocate Letitia James to contribute to policies impacting the most vulnerable New Yorkers. At 23, I ran a job development program for youth in Harlem.

This program services over 75,000 young people in New York City and provides financial support to families in need. My experience taught me that when you provide space for youth to connect and heal they thrive. This led me to my career path working to address systems that impact Black people. I’ve created job fairs for men and women on parole, worked to change conditions of confinement, and act as an advisor during the Covid pandemic to help with decarceration efforts throughout the country. In my most recent role as the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Microsoft I work to move corporate dollars to non-profits and grassroots organizations dedicated to addressing racial equity.

I’m the youngest member on my team, and have been able to contribute to the companies US strategy for investments. While recently co-launching Just Level to build the divide between those outside of the activist space that want to contribute to social issues. We are working with Creatives and Black business owners to uplift these topics on their platform.

My hope is that women especially Black women can stand in front of not behind issues we often lead behind the scenes. I will continue to learn as a I grow, and truly believe we are stronger together.

Instagram: @Queensworld9

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