Ain’t I A Woman: Nadia Simone

I am a mother. A student. Full time employee and the CEO of my media production company, “Nsider Media Productions.” I have fought against diversity and discrimination when it comes to the media field. Once working as a production assistant in news to now owning my own media platform and company that helps black owned businesses and brands thrive and be heard through video production, I love that I am fulfilling my true purpose and never gave up. I saw a need and worked/working to encourage more positive images of my people. I wear many hats and wear them proudly and boldly! I love what I do and will continue to strive to make a difference in how black people are represented in media and in business, respectfully. At the end of the day, I’m a God fearing black woman with a plan to break generational curses and be a role model to my daughter and others who I inspire. Ain’t I A Woman!

Instagram: @theenadiasimone 

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