Job searching can be one of the most tedious and toughest processes. Constant resume writing, job list hunting, networking, and elevator pitches. At times it can be completely discouraging and redundant. Whatever the feeling of job searching may give you—just know you are not alone.

It’s important to keep your spirits up and remind yourself why you started this job search in the first place. If you are currently going through this journey, we’ve compiled a list of five things to keep you encouraged along the way!

Remaining Encouraged When You’re Searching for a Job

  1. Don’t Take the No’s Personal

You may have applied to over a hundred jobs, and still have yet to receive a call back or interview—don’t get down on yourself! It’s always important to have a different perspective on the situation and look at the brighter side, you truly never know what’s on the other end and who’s sifting through thousands of applications a day.

Most job applications go through an automated process in which the computer looks for keywords that match the job description, if your resume doesn’t contain those keywords, then the computer sends back an automated message informing you that you didn’t get the job. So if you’re receiving tons of no’s—don’t take it personal, just outsmart the computer to get through to the people that truly matter!

  1. Don’t Apply to Every Job Under the Sun

Believe it or not, applying to several different jobs at once is not always better. Remember quality over quantity, you don’t want to stretch yourself thin and apply to any and every job out of desperation because you may be called back for a job that you truly didn’t want in the first place. It’s better and smarter to apply to a few jobs that peak your interest, and focus on tailoring your resume and cover letter to those specifically.

  1. You Have to Truly Want It

If you aren’t excited about the job—don’t apply for it! When you’re on a job search, you must be determined and know exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a job role because it sounds safe or easy, go after exactly what you want and do what it takes (ethically of course) to get it.

Companies are always looking to hire people that are willing to work their tails off, which shows through their work ethic and determination. If you can show people how bad you truly want the job, the odds will forever be in your favor. 

  1. Turn Every Conversation into an Opportunity

You never know who you’ll meet and who they know—turn every conversation into an opportunity. Engaging in conversation with people could potentially land you an opportunity you may not have even been searching for. Within your industry, find professional meetups and give yourself the chance to interact with like-minded people that share the same interests as you. Conversation is key!       

  1. Remain Resilient and Optimistic

Remaining resilient and optimistic through the entire job searching process is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself to stay encouraged along this journey. There may be times where you’ll receive several no’s or even nothing at all, but you have to remain resilient and have a strong foundation throughout the entire process. Eventually your opportunity will present itself—just use this advice to stay encouraged!

If you found these five tips helpful in remaining encouraged when you’re searching for a job then let us know in the comments below!

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