Boss Women Media’s mission is simple, yet effective: “Creating experiences and stories to propel bosswomen forward in their careers.” We make it our mission to highlight all women’s stories, regardless of where they are and what role they play. This week, our content will highlight several Black Women-Owned businesses! Keep reading to find out more about who these women are and how they make entrepreneurship look like a walk in the park!

4 Black Business Owners Who Make Entrepreneurship Look Easy

We all know (or have at least heard it before) being an entrepreneur is no easy task—but somehow these women make it look easy!

We’re sharing with you four black women that are small business owners, making it look seamlessly easy. From beauty to PR firms, these ladies know what it takes to maintain a successful small  business.

1. Desiree Verdejo, Vivrant Beauty


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Desiree Verdejo’s brand Vivrant Beauty is a curated beauty and skincare brand specifically designed with women of color in mind. After practicing law for seven years, Desiree launched her brand in New York City as well as an ecommerce store. Vivrant Beauty features a premium skin care, haircare and cosmetics line. For more information, visit

2. Krystal Scott, The Well

Krystal Scott is the CEO and Founder of The Well, a community and connection space for black women at work. The space features both an online community as well as real-life events hosted monthly. As a member of The Well, you are given access to a private online community, meet and greets with other members, virtual accountability meetups, a space in The Well’s very own book club, free in-person gatherings, thank you swag, and discounts and freebies to other black-women owned businesses and brands. For more information on The Well, visit


3. Sakita Holley, House of Success PR

House of Success PR is a PR firm founded by Sakita Holley. House of Success PR focuses on generating results for various clients in the beauty and entertainment industry. For more information on House of Success PR, visit


4. Miss Diddy, The Brand Group LA

Miss Diddy is the mastermind behind The Brand Group LA, in which she and her team specialize in “tailor-making a star, venue, or event with the most innovation and effective media tools.” Her team uses a mixture of social media, brand infusion and awareness and brand alignment to showcase their clients. This full service agency isn’t stopping anytime soon. For more information on The Brand Group LA, visit

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